MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Chapter 21 Tansen

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MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Chapter 21 Tansen

This can be only possible by reading the passages and topics involved in the MP Board solutions for Class 7th English . All the Solutions are covered as per the latest syllabus guidelines. Practice using these MP Board Class 7th English Chapter 21 Tansen Questions and Answers PDF and test your preparation level and bridge the knowledge gap accordingly.

Tansen Text Book Exercise

Read and Learn

MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter 21 Tansen 1


A. Complete the following sentences using correct option:

Question 1.
Tansen was very ………….
(a) Talented
(b) Dull
(c) Lazy
(a) Talented

Question 2.
Tansen’s father’s name was ………..
(a) Shekharan Misra
(b) Chandan Misra
(c) Mukandan Misra
(c) Mukandan Misra

Question 3.
His father was devoted to ………..
(a) Mohammad Kaif
(b) Mohammad Khalid
(c) Mohammad Ghaus.
(c) Mohammad Ghaus.

Question 4.
Hussaini was ………..
(a) Rani Mrignayani’s Courtier
(b) Tansen’s wife.
(c) Both
(c) Both

Question 5.
Chief conspirator against Tansen was………..
(a) Rafeeq Miyan
(b) Iqbal Miyan
(c) Shaukat Miyan
(c) Shaukat Miyan

B. Read the following senteneces and tick \ true (T) or false (F)

  1. Tansen sang Raga Megh at the durbar. T / F
  2. Saraswati and Roopwati sang raga Deepak to save Tartsen. T / F
  3. Akbar was impressed by Tansen’s talent as a singer and a musician T / F
  4. Shaukat Miyan wanted to ruin Tansen T / F
  5. Tansen was saved by Saraswati and Roopwati. T / F
  6. Akbar did not offer precious presents to Tansen T / F
  7. Tansen was one of Akbar’s Navaratnas’. T / F


  1. False
  2. False
  3. True
  4. True
  5. True
  6. False
  7. True.

C. Comprehension

Question 1.
How was Tansen’s life saved?
Tansen started singing Deepak Raga. The lamps lit up all of a sudden as a result of the heat given off by the raga. It could bum Tansen to ashes. Just then, Saraswati and Roopwati began to sing raga Megh. It brought down rain. Thus Tansen’s life was saved by his daughter and her friend.

Question 2.
Why did Akbhar punish Tansen’s enemies?
Tansen’s enemies wanted to ruin him. Akbar came to know about their conspiracy. Therefore, he punished Tansen’s enemies.

Question 3.
When did Tansen die?
Tansen died in 1585.

Question 4.
Why do people go to Gwalior?
Tansen’s tomb is at Gwalior. This place has become a pilgrimage for singers, musicians and all the music lovers. Therefore, the people go to Gwalior to pay their homage.

Question 5.
How did Tansen come into contact with Swami Haridas?
Tansen used to go to dense forests to enjoy the beauty of nature. He learnt how to imitate the calls of different birds and animals, One day, swami Haridas and his disciples were crossing the forest. Tansen roared like a lion. It frightened Swami Haridas and his disiciples. One of the disciples found Tansen and presented him before Swamiji. Thus Tansen came into contact with Swami Haridas.

Word Power

A. Use the following phrases in the sentences given below:
(Jealous of, fond of, due to, called upon, afraid of.)

  1. Akbar was very…………..Tansen.
  2. All the people were…………the tiger and escaped in fear.
  3. Shaukat Miyan and some other courtiers were……….Tansen.
  4. Tansen’s life was saved……….his daughter and her friend.
  5. Akbar frequently……….Tansen and listened to his ragas and music.


  1. fond of
  2. afraid of
  3. jealous of
  4. due to
  5. called upon

B. Match the following words with their meanings:
MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter 21 Tansen 2

Grammar in Use

A. Use the following ‘Adverbs’ to complete the sentences given below:
(extremely, naturally, surely, actually, affectionately, certainly)

  1. Grammar is………involved in each and every sentence.
  2. My friend will………..come on my birthday.
  3. ……….. Tansen was a great singer and musician.
  4. Mohammad Ghaus………. invited Tansen to his house.
  5. I Will……….come to join you.


  1. actually
  2. certainly
  3. Naturally
  4. affectionately
  5. surely

B. Fill in the blank spaces using correct forms of the verbs. (Past perfect)

  1. Sheela ………… food before her mother came to the office, (cook)
  2. Mr. Ramlal ……….. his house when he went abroad (sell)
  3. Ramesh ………… the lights before he went to sleep (switch off).
  4. The thief……….before the police reached there, (escape)
  5. The patient ……….. before the doctor arrived. (die)


  1. had cooked
  2. had sold
  3. had switched
  4. escaped
  5. had died.

Let’s Talk

Talk to your friends about different qualities Tansen had as a child. Also discuss about his qualities as a singer and a musician. Enlist all the qualities you have discussed. Make a profile with the help of your friends and teachers.
For self attempt

Find Answer to the following questions.

Question 1.
Why was Tansen Akbar’s favourite? Give reasons.
Tansen was Akbar’s favourite for the following reasons. Akbar was a great lover of music. He listened to Tansen’ music for hours and hours. Akbar used to visit Tansen’s house frequently to listen to his music. He often gave Tansen precious presents.

Question 2.
What tells you that the emperor was fond of him?
The emperor used to visit Tansen’s house frequently to listen to his music. He also called Tansen at his darbar whenever he desired to listen to his music. Akbar punished Tansen’s conspirantors when he came to know About their evil plot. These factors show that the emperor was fond of him.

Question 3.
What in the story tells you that the courtiers were jealous of him?
The courtiers started conspiring against Tansen. Shaukat Ali made the king direct Tansen to sing Raga Deepak. It was a plot against Tansen’s life. It shows that the courtiers were jealous of him.

Question 4.
What was the conspiracy against Tansen?
To make Tansen sing raga Deepak was a plot against his life. The proper singing of raga Deepak would give off immense heat. It would burn the singer into ashes. Indirectly, it was shaukat Ali’s conspiracy against Tansen.

Question 5.
How did Tansen overcome the threat to his life?
An idea flashed in Tansen’s mind. He taught his daughter Saraswati and her friend Roopwati to sing raga Megh. Tansen sang Raga Deepak properly. It gave off immense heat. It could bum him alive, just then the two girls sang raga Megh. It made the rain drops fall down. It also deactivated the damaging effect of raga Deepak. Ultimately Tansen overcame the threat to his life.

Let’s Write

Write Tansen’s biography in about ten sentences using information from the lesson.

  1. birth
  2. Childhood
  3. father
  4. Guru.
  5. Marriage
  6. Akbar’s Navratan
  7. Raga Deepak and after
  8. Tomb at Gwalior

Note :
1. biography : the story of a person’s life written by some body else.
2. autobiography : the story of a person’s life written by the person himself/ herself.
Tansen’s Biography, Tansen was born at Behat, a small village near Gwalior. He was the only child of his parents. He was a naughty but a talented and adventurous child. Sri Mukandan Misra was his father. Swami Haridas was his guru. Tansen was married to Bjussaini. Tansen joined Akbar’s courts as one of his ‘Navartnas’ He sang the Raga. Deepak properly and successfully. His daughter and her friend saved his life by singing Raga Mesh. However, he fell seriously ill and died in 1585 His tomb at Gwalior is a place of pilgrimage for music lovers.

Let’s Do It

Draw a picture of Akbar’ durbar with Tansen singing Raga Deepak.
For self attempt.

Tansen Word Meanings

MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter 21 Tansen 3

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