MP Board Class 10th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Students get through the MP Board Class 10th English Important Questions Special English Letter and Application Writing which are most likely to be asked in the exam.

MP Board Class 10th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 1.
Write a letter to the Health Officer of your area complaining against the insanitary condition of your locality, E-34, Nand Nagari Delhi – 32. (MP 2003)

E – 32, Nand Nagari,
Delhi – 32,
19th November, 20…..

The Health Officer,
M.C.D. Shadhara,
Delhi – 32.

I beg to point out that the Municipal authorities have only promising words. They had promised to look into the needs of drinking water, Pucca roads and good drains.

There are pools of water here and there. Stray cattle are another headache. There is a danger of an outbreak of some terrible diseases.

I, therefore, request you to look into the matter and do the needful.

Yours faithfully,
Amit Dubey

MP Board Class 10th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 2.
You are Pramod Jain residing at 98, Arvind Nagar, Raipur. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend a part of summer vacation at any hill station. (MP 2016)

Plat no. 98,
Arvind Nagar,
3rd May, 2018

Dear Raj,
I received your letter a few days back. I was delighted to know that you have done your papers well and expect to secure a first division.

As the worries of examination are over. You must be feeling relaxed during these days. I take it as an opportunity to renew my standing invitation to spend your vacation with me at my sister’s place in Shimla. I am sure you will like this place very much. It is full of the fascinating scenery of the mountains and the hills and the best refreshing walk in the morning. I am sure you will enjoy our company. We shall go together for trekking that you will like most. This place is really a paradise on earth. I am sure you will not disappoint me this time. Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

Convey my regards to elders and love to your younger brother.

Yours Sincerely
Pramod Jain

Question 3.
Write a letter to the Collector of your district for putting a restriction on the use of loud speakers. Your letter should be in about 100 – 125 words. (MP 2006, 08)

8, Arvind Nagar,
Ujjain (M.P.)
12th March, 20….

The Collector
District Ujjain,
Ujjain (M.P.)

Subject: Complaint against the use of loud speakers.

Our examinations begin in early March. This is the most valuable time for us. Sir, you know that due to number of reasons our courses remained incomplete. In spite of a number of problems, all of us are working hard to prepare for the examinations. But some people keep on using their loud speakers till late in the night. This greatly disturbs our studies.

We cannot request the people. They will not stop heed to our urge. I request you to issue orders putting restrictions on the use of loud speakers after 9:00 P.M. till May 15.
Thanking You,

Yours obediently,
Vijay Verma

MP Board Class 10th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 4.
You are Suman Dev, a student of class X – B, Govt H. S. School No. 1, Raipur. Write an application to your principal to issue you books from Book Bank. (MP 1999, 2001 R,P, 02 P, 07, Imp.)
The Principal,
Govt. H.S. School No.1

Subject: Regarding issuing books from Book Bank.

With great respect I beg to state that I am a student of class X – B of your school. I came to know that course books and reference books are being issued from the Book Bank of the school. I am in urgent need of some of them. These books are not at present available in the market and terminal examinations are near. My father has been sick for a long time hence he has not received his salary for two months. Hence kindly issue me following books from the Book Bank. I shall keep them with care and returned them in good condition.

The list of books:

  1. English through literature, part II
  2. M.P.H.S. Special English for Class X
  3. Book of Maths: Text Book Corp.
  4. Hindi and English Dictionary.

Thanking you,

Respectfully yours
Suman Dev
Class X – B
Govt. H.S.S. No. 1

Dated : 12.08.20

Question 5.
Write a letter to the postmaster against the non-delivering of your letters. (MP 1999, 2001 R,P, 02 P)

23 – K, Manohar Park,
Shanti Nagar, Sonepat.

The Post master,
General Post Office,

It has been observed that the postman of this beat, has not been delivering our letters properly and regularly. The letters are often delayed and sometimes he does not put them into the letter boxes. The letters thus delivered are invariably misplaced and lost. It is highly improper on the part of your postman. Would you kindly instruct the concerned postman to do his duty efficiently and satisfactory failing which the residents shall be forced to approach the higher authorities for invention.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Maninder Singh.

Dated: 12.08.2018

Question 6.
Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting him to grant you full fee concession. Give suitable reasons for the concession. (MP 1999, 2001 R, P, 02 P, Imp, 2017)
The Principal,
St. Xavier’s Hr. Sec. School,
Martyr Vikram Road,

I am a student of Class X – B. My father is a clerk in a private concern. He has to support a large family with a meager salary. We are two brothers and two sisters all studying in schools and colleges. My father finds it difficult to manage within his means.

I am an old student of your school. I have always stood first in my class. I had full freeship last year also. I therefore, request you to grant me full fee concession.
Thanking you,

Yours most obediently,
Manoj Thakur

Dated: 12.08.20

MP Board Class 10th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 7.
Write a letter to your sister residing at 20/3 Civil Lines, Raipur, in order to wish her a speedy recovery from breakdown in health. (MP 2011, 13)

3/15 Devendra Nagar
Raipur (C.G.),
23rd September, 2016

Dear Anshu,
I have learnt from your letter that you had fallen a victim to jaundice last month. You took the best treatment but the symptoms did not subside. You are feeling quite weak due to breakdown in your health.

Take a glass or two of sugarcane juice everyday. Do not go out in the sun or rain. Consult some doctor of repute lest the fever should exacerbate your condition. Take complete bed rest.

I wish you a speedy recovery. I shall come to see you next week.
With regards,

Yours brother

Question 8.
Your friend is facing frustration these days because he is suffering from continuous failure. On the basis of poem ‘If’, write him a letter, motivating him to be brave and to fight with courage. (MP 2016)

Broadway street,
Beaumont (Texas) U.S.A.
30 August, 2018

Dear Vinay,
A couple of days ago I received a letter from Daddy which told me about the state of your studies. Father was clearly dissatisfied with the progress of your studies. I was also informed about your continuous failure and nervous break down.

My dear, you should first and foremost start believing on yourself. Always big and work hard to make the pillars of your dreams stand on a firm foundation. Don’t be nervous or depress by continuous failure, because remember that someday your will power will bring you back the opportunities you’ve lost so far. You just have to give your complete dedication and the world will be with you forever.

Hope you would seriously consider my suggestions. Please pay my regards to uncle and love to Sunita.

Yours Sincerely,

Question 9.
You are Pramod Sharma residing at 80, Saket Nagar, Jabalpur. Your younger brother lives in a hostel. Write a letter of advice to your brother to set a goal in life an try to achieve it. (MP 2014)

80, Saket Nagar,
10th Feb. 2018

My dear Rohit,
I received your letter last week but could not find time for write to our earlier. I am happy to find that this time you have shown improvement in your grades. But you must work harder. It is high time that you get serious about your studies and set a goal in your life. Make a schedule for your studies and devote enough time to the subjects you find tough. A planned and systematic approach will help you attain the goal of your life.

Yours affectionately,
Pramod Sharma.

Question 10.
Write a letter to the organisation in about 100 words. Ask for the programmes you can join to ‘help the disabled’. Ask for the information about the ways you can collect the money and donate them. (MP 2013)

The Society for Disabled
D-12, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi – 110016.

I have read your advertisement in ‘The Indian Express’ dated 15th March 2013 making an appeal to the people to help the disabled. I have come to know from the advertisement that your organisation works all over the country. I live in Jabalpur and an interested in joining your noble mission.

As such I would like to know about the various programmes seen by your organisation in Jabalpur, some of my collegues and I intend to extend some financial help as per our capacity and encourage others to do the same.

Kindly tell us how we can collect the money and donate it to your society.

Yours Sincerely,
Ravi Singh
29/1 Civil Lines

MP Board Class 10th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 11.
Write a letter to the principal of your school to plead pardon as a window pane had been broken by you 100 words. (MP 2013, 18)
The Principal,
Summer Boys School,

Respectfully, I wish to inform you that yesterday was a very hot and humid day. I study in Class X which is on the second floor of the school building. Class X ‘A’ is conducted in Room No. 16, where the lids of the windows are very tightly closed. Everyday we have to struggle a lot to open the windows. Yesterday too, in my attempt of opening the window forcefully, the window pane near the class cupboard broke into two.

I sincerely apologize for my unintentional action which caused damage to the school property. I am willing to pay the charges for the damage caused by me kindly apologize and accept my charges for the same.

Yours faithfully
Nitin Gupta
Class X ‘A’.

Question 12.
You are Suman Sen a student of class X-A, Govt. H. S. School, No. 1, Indore. In your school, there is no proper arrangement of clear drinking water. Write a letter to your principal describing the above problem and to take action to solve this problem. (MP 2010, 16)
The Principal
Govt. H.S.School, No.l, Indore

I am a student of your school in class X – A. I have written this letter to inform you about the improper arrangement of clean drinking water in our school.

Sir, often it is found that the water being supplied through the water cooler does not provide clean drinking water. This could be unhygienic for students and they might fall sick drinking dirty water or borne some infectious disease.

So, I kindly request you to please take some action to have the clean drinking water available for the safety of all the students.

Yours faithfully
Suman Sen
Govt. H.S. School.

Question 13.
Write a letter to District Health Officer drawing his attention to the insanitary conditions prevailing in your locality. (MP 2014, 18)

33/125, Morsali Gali,
Bhopal (M.P.)

September 6, 20…
The Health Officer,
Bhopal Municipal Corporation,

I wish to draw your attention to the prevailing insanitary conditions in our locality. Both early in the morning and late in the evening men, women and children of the village sit on both the sides of road to excrete night-soil. The entire adjoining area presents a horrible sight to the morning walkers. It becomes very difficult to breathe air surcharged with foul smells.

Apart from that the sweepers employed by the corporation bring several truckloads of garbage and rubbish everyday from different parts of the city, and dump it near the homes. Thus, the entire locality looks hell.

I have lodged several complaints with the sanitary inspectors of the area but with no effect. I am afraid, if this state of affairs continues for a few days more, it will lead to an epidemic here.

Me earnest request to you, therefore, is that you should take personal interest in this matter and do something substantial immediately to save the precious lives of citizens.

Yours faithfully,
M.P. Saraswat.

MP Board Class 10th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 14.
You are Kartik residing in room no. 10 in a hostel. Write a letter to your elder brother describing the annual prize distribution function of your school. (MP 2015)

Room no. 10, Boy’s Hostel
Nachiketa school,
Date: 12 January, 2018

Respected Bhaiya,
I received your kind the affectionate letter almost a week back. I am sorry that I could not reply earlier. However, let me assure you the delay was not intentional on my part. All this period I had been busy with the annual function of the school which was held from 3rd January to 7 January. Now I am free and writing this letter to you. The annual function was great, let me share the event about the prize distribution function of our school.

The annual day celebration concluded with the prize distribution function. The Minister of education of the state was the chief guest. The function was held in the central hall of the school. The hall was beautifully decorated by us. The function started at 4 P.M. the chief guest arrived on time. He was profusely garlanded by the Principal and students of the school. The Minister gave away the prizes for cultural, sports and literary activities. The students who scored position in X and XII board examinations were also awarded prizes. I also won a prize in the debate competition.

After the prize distribution the chief guest gave a short speech in which he congratulated the winners and exhorted the losers to try to do better in future. In the end our principal thanked the guests for having come to the school. The other guests and the prize winner were asked to join in a tea-party with the chief guest. I wish you were here to see me get the prize. But I know your blessings are always with me. I will soon send you a photograph of the occasion.

Please write to me soon, with best regards.

Yours affectionate brother,

Question 15.
Write a letter to the General Manager, Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, about the bad behavior of a bus conductor.

109, Napier Colony,
Date: 12th August, 20……

The General Manager,
Madhya Pradesh state Road transport corporation,

Sub.: Complaint against the bus conductor’s bad behaviour.

Through this letter I want to draw your attention towards the had behaviour of one of your bus conductors with me. On 9th August I was travelling from one of our buses from Jabalpur to Panna. The bus started from the Damoh naka bus stand at 11 A.M. It was supposed to reach Panna at about 3 P.M. However, on the way, the bus stopped for not known reason and all the passengers were standing in the way. I had an important meeting at 4 P.M. at Panna, so I was getting restless that I might be late for the meeting. I courteously requested the bus conductor to move the bus as I had an important meeting scheduled at 4 P.M. but the bus conductor began to make fun of me. When I again requested him to reach Panna on time he began to abuse me. I do not know the name of the conductor, bus I am sure you could find out about his name. The bus number is MP20 – 4896

I am confident that you would look into the matter and take appropriate action against him. Such people set bad example for others.
Thanking you,

Yours truly,
S.P. Raichand.

Question 16.
You are Poornima a student of class X in Govt School for excellence Katni. Write an application to the superintendent of police about the nuisance of loudspeakers. (MP 2015)

C-11 Civil lines
14th February 20……

The Superintendent of Police,
District Katni,

Sub.: Nuisance of Loud speakers.

Please permit me to bring to your kind notice the annoyance and inconvenience caused to several people, mainly students, in this locality by the unrestricted way in which loud speakers all allowed to be used both during night and day by some people. For instance, only yesterday we had to tolerate the loud speakers all the twenty-four hours of the day in our locality. Although my house is almost one kilometer away from the place where the loudspeaker was being actually played yet we could not wink our eyes the whole night yesterday. I really wonder how people residing nearby were able to put up with noise. And how students could have able to study as examination is nearing I, myself is worried as my class X board examination is nearing.

I therefore suggest that in future whenever licenses are issued permitting the use of loudspeakers, there should be a restriction on hours as well as a volume at which the loud speakers can be played, so that they do not become a source of irritation to others.

Hope my suggestion would be welcomed to you.
Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

MP Board Class 10th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 17.
Write a letter to your father seeking permission to go on tour. (MP 2017)

Room no. 10, girls Hostel
S.P.S. School
10th sept. 2018

Dear Father,
I am fine and hope same at your end. How is everyone at home. Are they also missing me as I am. My studies are going quite well. Yesterday only mid term are being completed. My all papers were very good and I hope for a good result. Management has planned an educational tour for X and XI class students. Tour Will be of south India. Train tickets reservations and all loading and boarding arrangements will be done by school. All my classmates will be going. I want to ask you for the permission. Students have to submit a permission letter by parents along with Rs. 2500. If you find it good then please permit me to go with them.

Missing you all

Yours daughter,

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