MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 8 The Goal not Scored

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MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 8 The Goal not Scored

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The Goal not Scored Vocabulary and Pronunciation

A. What are the different meanings of the word ‘points’ in the following sentences :

1. We won the rugby match by 12 points to 3.
2. There were two or three points in your speech.
3. The bus stops at four or five points along this road.
4. I can’t see any weak points in your plan.
5. The dollar had fallen a few points on the money markets today.
6. What are the points to look for When you are buying a new computer?
7. If the engine isn’t working properly the points may speed cleaning.

  1. Scores
  2. Opinions/ facts
  3. places,
  4. qualities
  5. a mark or unit
  6. purposes
  7. a place in a wall where a piece of equipment can be connected, of electricity.

B. Find out the words, phrases or lines that express the ideas given below :

  1. skillful performer : confident
  2. extremely important : phenomenal
  3. to forward :target
  4. clever plans: strategy
  5. a judge in hockey : referee
  6. a judge in cricket :umpire
  7. risk – cost

C. Differentiate by using the following i. sentences of your own : recreation, games, sports, match, hobby

  • Recreation – We need recreation to revive life’s taste.
  • Gaines – Games teaches us to discipline our life.
  • Sports – I like sports.
  • Match – Today is the last cricket match of this serious.
  • Hobby – Hump creation is my hobby.

Listening Skill

Listen to this sentence from the lesson :

See workbook page 60.

Now listen to some more idioms and find out their meanings:
Idioms – Meanings
give and take – exchange of things! words/ideas if
give or take – something is correct, give or take a particular amount it is approximately correct.
do or die – having or needing great determination. tit for tat a situation you do something bad to someone because they have done the some to you.
seeing is believing – eyewitness is the greatest proof.
kick the bucket – ignore hurdles.
kick the habit – use your senses.

B. Listen to a running commentary of a match and say about the following :
beginning of the match, running commentary, results/ conclusion
Do yourself.

Speaking Skill

Have your ever had any attitudinal problems with people who work at different places like hospitals, banks, bus or railway stations, schools or colleges, gas agency or at some government or private office. Tell your friends the problem and your behaviour to tackle it.

See workbook page 61.
Do yourself.

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

See workbook pages 61-62.

Question 1.
You have read the passage. Now, fill in the blanks using the appropriate words.

(a) Rock climbing is an …………….. sports.
(b) It is an independent …………………. sports activity as well , as important part of
(c) …………….. and ……………. always pose challenge to the human sense of adventure.
(d) Antoine de Ville led a team of climbers to ……………….. in the Alps in 1492.
(e) ………………. the mountaineering headquarters of India based in New Delhi, took birth in 1958.
(f) India has vast ………………. in rock climbing.
(g) The IMF has played a major role in ……………… mountaineering and climbing activities in our country.
(a) adventurous
(b) mountain, mountaineering
(c) rock, mountain
(d) ML Aigiuille
(e) IMF
(f) potential
(g) promoting.

Question 2.
Write the relevant events against each date.
(a) 9th century
(b) 1492
(c) 16th and 18th century
(d) 1958.
(a) 9th century : Mountaineering gained popularity in UK, Europe.
(b) 1492 : A team of climbers led by Antoine de Ville succeeded to climb the Alps.
(c) 16th and 18th century : A few more climbing records are found in the Alps.
(d) 1958 : IMF was established in New Delhi.

Question 3.
Find words from the passage which have the following meanings.
(a) Especially in the degree to which the ground slopes ……………..
(b) The ability to continue doing something painful or difficult for a long period of time without complaining
(c) very great….
(d) A long, hard walk lasting several days or weeks, especially in the mountains
(a) gradient
(b) stamina
(c) immense
(d) mountaineering expedition.

Language Practice (Grammar)

Agreement of the verb with the subject.

See workbook pages 63-65.

A. Study these sentences.
In each of the following sentences supply a verb in agreement with its subject.

1. Shivaji and Rana Pratap ……………. Indian heroes.
2. My friend and benefactor ………….. come.
3. Early to bed and early to rise ………….. makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
4. She is one of the best mother that,…………….ever lived.
5. Each one of our houses,…….to let.

  1. were
  2. has
  3. makes
  4. has
  5. is.

B. Subject veb concord :
Your friend has brought a pamphlet in which he found all sorts of mistakes. Rewrite the pamphlet correcting mistakes.

See workbook page 65.

For the last few months since the heavy rains. Agra-Mumbai road have been in a very bad conditions . The surface are badly broken and on dark nights it is dangerous for cycle-rickshaws, motorcars and buses. The travellers is often hurt and many an accident take place. The other day a child’s foot get caught in a pit causing injury to the bones. I hopes the corporation will attend to this just grievance and repairs the road without further delays.
has, condition, is, are, takes, gets, hope, repair, delay.

Writing Skill

A. Collect some information about a legendary figure of sports. Use the information and write a biographical sketch of him/her.
(50 words)
Do yourself.

B. Write a letter to your younger sister mentioning in it the moral of the story ‘The Goal not Scored’.
Shivaji Enclave
My dear Rakhi
I hope you are fine. I would like to tell you a story that I have just read. It is ‘The Goal not Scored’. It is an inspiring story. I have learnt a lot from it. From this story I learnt that there are many things which are more important than victory in a game. The friendly nature and helpful attitude of the players towards their rivals is a nobal quality. A pic yer should be a sportsman. A lion does not strike a wounded animal. In the same manner, a true player never strikes his injured rival. Fair play is the best play. Victory by foul tactics is sinful.

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