MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Students get through the MP Board Class 12th English Important Questions Special English Short Compositions which are most likely to be asked in the exam.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

A. Message Writing

Question 1.
Samia has to go to her tuition. She wants her brother who was not at home at that time to have lunch and also to fetch her some books from the library.
Write a message from her.


28/12/20 ……..
2:00 p.m.
Brother ………………….
I am leaving for tuition.
Lunch is in the refrigerator.
I need ‘Statistics for Economics’ and ‘Information Practices’ for my assignment.
Please get them from the library.
The library card is on the top left shelf.


MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 2.
Read the following telephonic conversation:
Mehak : Hello ! Is it 2536661?
Nalini : Yes, May I know who is calling?
Mehak : I am Shaikh’s friend, Mehak. Could I speak to her, please?
Nalini : I’m sorry, she is not here. I’m her sister. She has gone shopping and will be back at 7:30 p.m.
Mehak : Alright. When she comes back please tell her I am hosting a little get-together at my house on my birthday at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. And she is invited.
Nalini : I’ll surely convey your message.
Mahak : Thank you.
As Nalini has to go for her badminton practice, write a message from her for her sister.


5:00 p.m.
Dear Shalini,
Mehak rang up to invite you for her birthday party at her house at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow.


MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 3.
You are the Secretary of the Principal of Sunrise Public School. Using his notes, write a message on his behalf to the school captain, Ashutosh Verma. (Imp.)
Message for the school captain:

  • Urgent meeting of the student council
  • Agenda : Falling standards of discipline
  • Today during recess in my office
  • Attendance must for all members
  • School captain to inform other members



8lh Jan. 20….
8:45 a.m.

As you know that the standard of discipline in the school is falling day by day. I wish to take an urgent and serious step against it. I want all the members of the student council to attend a meeting during recess in my office. Inform all the members and please, ensure the attendance of all.


Question 4.
You are Vidya, living in a girl’s hostel. You have seen the following advertisement in a news paper. As you and your roommate, Ajita, are concerned about scoring
high in a competitive examination, you decide to join the Memory Workshop. Using the information given in the advertisement write a message for your roommate inviting her to attend the workshop with you.
MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions img 1


25th Nov. 20….
7:00 a.m.

Both of us want to succeed in the combined entrance exams for law schools. I think the memory workshop being held from 3 to 12 Dec. 2009 will be helpful in achieving our goal. We will have exposure to memory improving techniques, study techniques, learning techniques, creative visualization and a lot more to help us perform better. The fee is just Rs. 350 and the time is best suited to your schedule.


MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 5.
You are Vinita, the students of your class are being taken on an excursion to ‘Sancni’. Your friend Arushi was absent on the day when a few instructions were given.
Write a message to your friend using the following information: (M.P. 2014)

  • Reach the railway station at 9 a.m.
  • Carry your lunch, water bottle etc.
  • Do not bring more than Rs. 100
  • Expected return at 6 p.m.



12th Sep. 20….
10:00 a.m.

All the students of our class are going on a excursion to Sanchi. Reach the railway station at 9 a.m. Carry your lunch, water bottle. You need not bring more than Rs. 100. We are expected to be back at 6 p.m.


B. Notice Writing

Question 1.
You are Abraham John, the secretary of your school’s science club. A science exhibition is being organized in your school.
Write a notice for the school notice board inviting projects and models from the students. The exhibition is to be held on 29th February. (M.P. 2016)


29 February, 20….

Science Exhibition

All the students are being informed that school’s science club is organizing a science exhibition on 29th February. All the projects and models, working as well as non-working are invited. Students interested may give their names before 20th February. Projects and models are to be submitted before 28th February.

Abraham John
Secretary, School’s Science Club.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 2.
Sukhvinder studies in class XII in Ideal School. He has lost his blazer at the playground on sports day. Write a notice from him that puts up on the school notice board.


12 February, 20….


A blazer has been lost in the school playground during the annual sports meet. The inside of the blazer bears embroidered initials ‘S.S.’ Anyone who finds it, should deposit it with the school captain. One who finds will be suitable rewarded.

Sukhvinder Singh

Question 3.
Syed Mohd. Amir Ali has changed his name to Amir Arif. Write a newspaper notice announcing the change.


28th April, 20….

Change of Name

The general public is hereby informed that I, Syed Mohd. Amir Ali, S/o Mr. S.M. Arif Ali and resident of 10, Professor’s Colony, Bhopal, have changed my name to Amir Arif. In future, I should be called by my new name.

Amir Arif

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 4.
You are Neelima Dubey, NSS club incharge of Pragati Higher Secondary School, Ashta. You are given the following letter to write a notice to be put up for students on the school notice board. Draft the notice, including relevant details from the letter so that students may contribute generously. (For Letter see inside the book)

The Red Cross Society
5, Shyamla Hills, Bhopal
5 August, 20….
The Principal,
Pragati H.S. School,

Dear Sir,

We are a charitable organization working to help the distressed people during natural calamities.
We would acknowledge it as a gesture of great benevolence if your students contribute food, medicines, money, clothes, shoes and other items of daily use.

This will help to relieve the distress of the people.
These items may be collected next Saturday.
Thank you very much.
Yours faithfully
K.K. Nair



7 August, 2018


The Red Cross Society appeals to all the students to Contribute eatables, medicines, money, clothes,’ shoes etc. It is desired that all students denote wholeheartedly. You can deposit your contribution with the school’s NSS officer. Society’s team will visit the school next Saturday to collect the items.

Neelima Dubey
Incharge (NSS club)

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 5.
Himanshu of class XII B has lost his watch somewhere in the school premises. Besides being valuable, the watch has an emotional value for him. He puts up a notice on the school notice-board, promising a good reward to one who finds it Write the notice and put it in a box. (M.P. 2014, 18)

ABC School, Jabalpur


I have lost my watch somewhere in the school premises during recess hours on 25 Sept. It is a valuable one and I am very much emotional about it. If anyone finds it, please submit it in the Principal office or meet me. The boy will be given a treat.

Class XII B

C. Article Writing

Question 1.
While travelling by train, you happen to overhear the following conversation between two mothers.
Mrs. Bhatt : Manoj is very tense about his examinations. I fear he doesn’t do anything rash.
Mrs. Dixit : My son showed signs of nervous breakdown. So I took him to a psy-chiatrist. Then I found that he was taking sleep-depriving drugs.
Mrs. Bhatt : I think there are a lot of Yoga exercises that can help them during the examination time.

On hearing this dialogue you decide to write an article for the school magazine on ‘Examination based stress and means by which students could overcome them’.
Examination time is the time to revise all that one has studied throughout the year, memorise formulae, mug up history lessons, and brush up experiments.

But then this is also the time for nervous breakdowns and stress related disorders.

The urge to perform best at the time of the final examinations is significant enough to trigger stress related disorders in the students.

Some react on the hyper side and develop anxiety while others react on the lower side and end up with depression. Both are equally dangerous. Long term suppression or repression of emotions is the cause of most lifestyle disorders.

In the examination system that prevails today, the capabilities and knowledge of students are being judged only by the performance in the final exam. The right way is to evaluate the students throughout the year and then decide about the performance.

During examination time, many students get addicted to tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking or sleep depriving drugs. Once addicted the addiction is permanent.

All these drugs in the long run are harmful to the body. Tea, coffee and alcohol-all increase symptomatic activity in the body resulting in increased heart rate and blood pressure.
The resultant performance anxiety may actually end up in performing worse.

The best answer, therefore, is to work hard throughout the year not keeping everything for the last moment. Many avenues are there to de-stress the mind.

Learning stretching exercises like ‘Jadasana’ helps remove boredom and regular cervical and back exercises help in maintaining the correct posture and keeping away backache and cervical pain that are common nuisances at the time of examinations.
Deep breathing exercises such as ‘Pranayama’ help in relaxing the body and mind. Giving a break to the brain by diverting attention to something else like watching I.V. or hearing music can help increase the creativity. Most importantly, a balanced diet should be taken and addictive substances should be avoided.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 2.
Manish is writing an article on ‘Ice cream’ for the School Magazine. He referred to an encyclopedia and made the following notes.
Use the information in the notes to complete his article:
Origin : China – Circa 2000 B.C., brought to Europe by Marco Polo in 13th Century, English colonists took recipe to US in 18th Century.
Manufacture : Earlier, ingredients placed in metal containers surrounded by ice and salt mixture. Now, ingredients mixed, pasteurized, homogenized, cooled, frozen, beaten until smooth.
Types : Parfait, mousses – not beaten during freezing, Tortoni – sprinkled with powdered dry fruits, spumoni mousses + fruit and nuts, lolly – water ice on stick.
Ice cream is a popular frozen confection made from fat, milk solids, and sugar. Ice cream probably originated in China around 2000 BC.

The recipe for water ices was first brought to Europe by the Italian traveller Marco Polo in the late 13th century, with ice cream becoming popular in the 17th century. English colonists took the recipe to the United States in the early 18th century.

Early production methods consisted on placing the ingredients in metal containers, surrounded by a freezing mixture of ice and coarse salt, and mixing them until smooth.

In modem plants the basic ingredients are poured into a tank, where they are mixed and pas-teurized. The mixture is then homogenized to break up particles of butterfat, cooled, piped to a freezing tank, and beaten until smooth; at this stage nuts or fruits are sometimes added.

The ice cream emerges from the freezing tank partially frozen and is packed into containers that are stored in a gerated room until hard.

Several forms of ice cream are made. French ice cream is enriched with egg yolks; parfaits and mousses are ice cream preparations that have not been beaten during the freezing process; biscuit tortoni is a rich ice cream sprinkled with powdered almonds or macaroons; and spumoni is a mousse-like ice cream to which fruits and nuts have been added. Soft ice cream, made of the same ingredients as ordinary’ ice cream, is sold as it comes from the freezer before hardening. An ice lolly is frozen ice cream or water ice on a stick.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 3.
You are Prakash Ojha of class XII. You observe that there is a steep decline in reading habits amongst children.
The major cause for this is the T.V. Write an article in the newspaper on, “Ways to promote reading”. (M.P. 2016)

Ways To Promote Reading

The habits of children are changing with the change and advancements science has bought in the society. Earlier the pass time for children were books but with the advancements and new discoveries television has took the place of books.

As today the scene is there are more than 100 channels. Children get booked with the cartoon channels most of their time schools, teachers and parents must take initiative to promote reading habits.

There should be compulsory library hours for students. Apart from course books, story books reading can also be promoted. Children must be explained importance of reading. Reading must be made interesting.

Question 4.
You are Ajay Mathur. You happened to see the following lines up a newspaper.
Motorcyclist injured in Road Accident
Free Press News Service
A fast moving jeep on Friday rammed into a motorcyclist rendering him seriously injured.
The accident occurred at Panbihar. According to sources the jeep first rammed into the motorcyclist and then dashed into an electric pole.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested the driver of the jeep and the injured motorcyclist who was admitted to civil hospital.
You decide to write an article in the local daily titled “License to drive is not license to kill”. Write the article in about 150-200 words.

License to Drive is Not License to Kill

With the increase in population, the amount of traffic is naturally increasing. Big cities are becoming bigger and more crowded. Life has become very fast. Every body sems to be in a hurry. Drivers use their strength at the accelerator in order to reach their destination as soon as possible.

Due to overspeeding, there has been a great increase in accidents. There are some other reasons also.
For example, people have now become less tolerant. They lack self discipline.

A driver with a bigger vehicle takes it as a challenge if someone with a smaller one overtakes him. Then a race begins between the two, and the natural result is a serious accident.

Due to the fast pace of life, we remain under stress all the time. There is stress due to family issues. There is stress due to work related issues. And then, there is a climatic effect also.

In hot countries like India, people are prone to have a hot temper. And then there is another reason. There are no stringent penalties for those who break the traffic rules.

In the absence of severe penalties, people ignore traffic rules at their will.

The cure of each ill lies in removing the causes. Therefore, we should avoid road rage and be disciplined motorists. We should know traffic rules and be courteous to fellow drivers.
If we have an appointment, we should start well in time. We shouldn’t carry any stress while driving.

Written by
Ajay Mathur

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 5.
You are Rohit residing 11/C, R.T.S. Colony, Bilaspur, Recently you have attended a Seminar on “Road Safety Movement’ organized by the Rotary Club of your district. Write a report on this Seminar. (M.P. 2013)

Road Safety Movement:

A seminar was conducted by the Rotary Club of Bilaspur on ‘Road safety movement’. The seminar was attended by more than 500 people all over the state.

The purpose of the seminar was to bring about awareness among people regarding the road safety measures, which could minimise the accident and reckless driving on roads.

The exparts from traffic police and officials concerned conducted the meeting with the Rotary Club member. The seminar was praised by the people who joined it. The ‘Road safety movement’ should be encouraged in each city to make it safe and beautiful.

D. Speech Writing

Question 1.
You are Vibhor Pandey of class XII. You are asked by your class teacher to prepare a speech using the table and some news clippings released in the ‘Human Development Report (HDR), on the topic – Earth on Fire’.
MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions img 2
“We human beings are like the experimental frog that is kept in a petridish which is being heated gradually and finally the frog boils itself to death”.

Respected Principal, honourable members of the staff and my fellow school mates, I, Vibhor Pandey of class XII stand here to warn you that we have to take some very strong steps very soon and at a very large scale, if we want to save our dear earth from eminent disaster arising out of global warming.
Friends, the Human Development Report (HDR) has listed India at number four position in the top ten list of countries responsible for CO2 emissions.

Only the US, China and Russia are above us. According to the report India is responsible for 1342 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The United Nations Development Programme’s annual report focuses on various aspects of human development like health, gender and poverty every year.
The 2007 report makes a strong case for action on climate change which it calls the “defining human development issue of our generation.”

The UN report says that there is a small window of opportunity in this century for limiting the global temperature increase to 2°C. If this is not done, humanity will face a series of climatic changes that will wreak havoc on the planet.
These will include flooding on coastal areas, crop failures, epidemics, severe water scarcity and increase in natural disasters. According to the report climate change will affect the world’s poor most.

Global warming will initiate draught and flooding which will destroy the sources of livelihood for poor people in Africa, Asia and South America. Not only this, friends, we will make extinct 30% of all the land species. The poorer sections will also be the most prone to health disasters like spread of malaria and diarrhoea.

Dear listeners, I implore you to act now and let all the governments of the world know that we students care for mother earth and we care for our future generations.

Thank you.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 2.
You are required to speak on ‘Vegetarianism’ in the school’s morning assembly. Prepare your speech taking help from the following points:

  • Natural way of life
  • Vegans-pure vegetarians
  • Lacto-vegetarians who use dairy products
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians who take eggs and dairy products
  • Infinite variety of flavours
  • 30-40 million people turned vegetarian in US
  • Medical bills of vegetarians lower, says UK Survey.

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are”. Honourable Principal, Dear teachers and my Dear friends I am here to speak on ‘vegetarianism’. “You are what you eat” is an old saying and it is a fact that it is the food that makes the man. The food we eat, its quality, quantity, its timing and combination is of utmost importance to healthy life.

It is vegetarianism that promotes a natural way of life. But despite our implicit message of universal love and non-violence vegetarianism has not spread, as it should have.

This may be because, as you all know, is an inward looking habit and is best cultivated in the mind. Leading a vegetarian way of life helps the animal kingdom to co-exist with man.

Animals supply milk, manure and energy. This has been central to the Indian culture for thousands of years. A vegetarian lifestyle is natural, multifaceted and helpful in self-preservation in a healthy way.

Dear friends, it has been rightly said that food and health are closely related. In India a vegetarian is usually a lacto-vegetarian.
In the western world vegetarians are sub-divided as “vegans” (pure vegetarians, who do not take any food coming from animal kingdom), lacto-vegetarians (who use dairy products) and Lacto-ovo vegetarians. The last category includes those consuming eggs, in addition to dairy products.

Vegetarian foods provide an infinite variety of flavours whereas, very sorry to say, non-vegetarian foods have hardly any taste of their own. In fact, non-vegetarian foods have to be seasoned with ingredients from the vegetable kingdom to make them palatable.

It is significant to note that in USA nearly 30 to 40 million people have adopted vegetarianism in the last decade not only on ethical and humanitarian grounds but also for ecological reasons.

In UK, surveys have shown that the medical bills of vegetarians are considerably lower than those of the non-vegetarians. Even in our country a group of Mumbai doctors, after extensive studies, have confirmed that vegetarianism offers protection from coronaiy and gastro-intestinal diseases. Vegetarians tend to have lower blood pressure.

I congratulate those who are vegetarians for having chosen the right path. The remaining I call would be vegetarians, for I believe they will soon adopt the right path.

Thank you.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 3.
You are Rajneesh Singh, captain of your school there is in a celebration of “Van Mahotsav” – You have to speak. Prepare notes for speech with the help of the following points:

  1. Addressing to quest and pupil.
  2. What is Van Mahotsav.
  3. Plantation is our duty.
  4. How to protect planted by Civilians and Government authority. (M.P. 2015)


Good morning, Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends today on the occasion of celebration of Van Mahotsav I would like to mention that:

The best things in life are “Tree”. Oxygen, air and water and all the other necessities for sustaining life on Earth is available to us free of cost by these trees.

It is plants that provide us with so much we do not even realize. Plants produce oxygen and it is the starting point of all food chains. Plants are the reason life on Earth is possible.

Even then plants are subjected to cruelty by humans. Millions of trees are cut each year. But this does not stop plants from being kind to us.

When a tree is stoned for its fruit it does get hurt but at the end it does part with its fruit. Nature is our mother, so why are we killing mother.

If we do so we are committing a heinous sin by strangling it even further. Today is the day we respect mother nature for all that she has given us and plant trees and show our indebtedness to nature.

Van Mahotsav, a week long festival of tree planting is organised every year in the month of July, across India when millions of trees are planted.

As the monsoon progresses across the Gangetic plains, Van Mahotsav is celebrated in some parts in early July, in others, in August, and still further west, even in September.

The main purpose for planting the trees during Van Mahotsav was to : Increase awareness about trees and love of trees amongst the people.

E. Report Writing

Question 1.
Write a report of your school’s farewell party. You are Bhishan, HS cultural member of Govt Higher Secondary School Lakhnadon, Seoni. Send it to editor, Dainik Bhaskar News paper Jabalpur. (M.P. 2015)


The Editor
Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper

Report: Schools Farewell party

It was an incredible evening hosted and organised by class XI students, to bid farewell for class XII students. This is to wish them a great future. The programme started at 3-00 pm with a prayer followed by delivering a few soothing messages by the Correspondent, Princi­pal. Coordinator, Administrator Officer and their class teacher.

Students of class XI performed music on keyboard, dances and each student was given an interesting task, to perform. The highlight was a power point presentation which threw fun and added life to the party.

HS Cultural member
Government H.S. School, Seoni.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 2.
You are Harsh, residing at 2/5 Chambal colony, Guna. Recently, you have attended a seminar on ‘Road Safety Movement’ organized by the Rotary club of your district.
Write a report on this seminar. (M.P. 2018)


2/5, Chambal Colony,

Report: ‘Road Safety Movement’

Greetings, earlier today, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar on, ‘Road Safety Movement’, organized by the Rotary club of our district. It was a pretty jarring experience. The horrific videos of accident scenes have had a particularly stunning effect on me. I’ve never actually cared about road safety, before seeing just how bad being careless while driving can be. I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say driving carefully is something we must all strive for, so that we don’t ruin any lives-whether they be our own family, or even a stranger.

Even just preventing having to spend money on car repairs on other such problems can be immensely helpful for everyone. Have a great day! Stay safe.

F. Letter Writing

Question 1.
You are Arti/Manish residing at A-29, BDA colony, Dewas. You happen to see the following poster in the newspaper.
MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions img 3
The poster reminds you of the busiest road in your city which is in a dreadful condition. You are prompted to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in order to pressurise the authorities concerned for remedial action.

BDA colony,
The Editor,
M.P. Chronical,

Our Municipality wants a wake-up call; and, as private appeals to their office have had no effect, perhaps a little publicity will do no harm.

For the last month the busiest road in our city has been almost impossible. The surface is badly broken up by the heavy rains. Moreover, there are heaps of roadmetal on both sides of the road.

It is scandalous that we should be inconvenienced in this way for weeks, and I hope that the public will bring pressure to bear on those responsible so that the road may be put in through repair without further delay.

Yours sincerely,

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 2.
You are Sudesh living at 16, Vasant Kunj, Bhopal. Write a letter to Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Bhopal, about a monkey which has created panic among the residents of your locality.

16, Vasant Kunj,
The Municipal Commissioner,
Municipal Corporation of Bhopal,
Subject: Panic created by a stray monkey.

I want to bring to your kind notice that a stray monkey has created great panic and caused havoc in our locality. Without fear, wears, tears and he enters the drawing-room, kitchen or the bedroom of every house. He wears tears, and destroys the clothes, and newspapers. Children and ladies are very much afraid of him. He is wild and bold.

His mischiefs have caused great suffering to the residents. He makes terrible faces at the young men. We are unable to study properly and do the work peacefully. I, on behalf of the residents, request your honour to send a team of monkey catchers to catch this bully monkey and save us from this menace created by this mischievous monkey.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Question 3.
You are Raj Mishra living at 43, Singare Colony, Chhindwara. Write a letter to your friend in West Germany describing the cycle of seasons in your part of country and what role it plays in your life.

43, Singare Colony,
15th may, 20….
Dear John,

I am very pleased to receive your loving and informative letter after a month. Gladly I am giving the information regarding the cycle of seasons in our part of the country as per your desire.

Our country has tropical climate. So the summer is longer than the winter. January is the month of severe winter. Though cold, we work hard in order to preserve our body heat. The spring season starts in the month of February. This is the time of flowers and new leaves. The birds chirp and the nature is at full swing.

From April to June the rainless summer scorches our body with excess heat. The rainy season sets in during July, and it continues upto September. During this season the crops are Sown. The October month is neither hot nor cold. It is a season of hiking, tours and games. Winter starts from November and there are cold winds and we have to rub our hands to avoid cold. We protect ourselves with woollen clothes.

If you need any other information, please do ask me. Pay my respects to your parents and love to Mary.
Yours sincerely,
Raj Mishra.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 4.
You are fcumari Rharti Lalwani living at Mohan Nagar, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper requesting him that you want some of your poems to be printed in coming Sunday Edition. (M.P. 2005)
You are Kumari Anshu Hanspal from Raj Nagar. Write a letter to your friend Ku. Swati asking her to accompany with you as you are going to take part in a music competition at Bhopal for three days. (M.P. 2005)

The Editor,
Dainik Bhaskar,
South Civil Lines, Jabalpur.
Sub : Request to print some of my poems in coming Sunday Edition.
Respected Sir,

I have written many poems on various subjects. They are not very long and have a message in them. It is therefore requested that some of them, which I am enclosing with this letter, may please be printed in your coming Sunday Edition and obliged.
Thanking You.
Yours sincerely,
Bharti Lalwani
Encl : Three poems
Postal Add. H.No. Y.Y.Y.
Mohan Nagar.


Raj Nagar,
Dt. XXX.
Dear Swati,

I am hale and hearty here and hope the same for you all. You will be glad to hear that I have successfully qualified for the State Musical Competition to be held at Bhopal during Dushehra holidays.
It will give me great pleasure if you accompany me for three days for this competition. Please confirm early to enable reservations etc.

Rest is all fine.
Yours Truly,
Anshu Hanspal.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 5.
Write a letter to your father requesting him to send you a sum of Rs. 500 for purchasing books and depositing college fees, etc. (M.P. 2007)

4, New Hostel,
Model School, Indore,
January 12, 2018.
Respected Father,

I am well here and hope you all are in the best health at home. Received no letter from home since I came here after winter vacations. This makes me worried.

I know you are busy, please ask mummy to write me a letter. Only today the principal has put up a notice that the college fees is to be paid by 31st January, 2018.

Moreover, also urgently need a few books to prepare for my annual examination. Hence, I am in need of Rs. 500 at the earliest. Hope you would send me the money without delay. With regards to you, mummy and didi.

Yours affectionately,

Question 6.
Write a letter to your father asking him for the permission to visit your friend’s village during the vacation. (M.P. 1998)

2.1, Tilak Hostel,
18th September 20
Respected Father,

Hope this letter finds you all in the best of cheers and happiness. I am well here. You shall be glad to hear that my studies are going on well and I hope to do well in the ensuing Board Examination.

In my last letter I had written you about a friend of mine who lives in Mandi Deep, a village near Bhopal. He is owner of a big agricultural farm there.

Since I have not seen an agricultural farm I would be delighted to visit the village. My friend has invited me at his village. How nice it would be if I may be able to see a village with my own eyes and have the thrill of staying there.
I hope father, you would allow me to join my friend during the vacations. With best regards to Mummy and you and love to Neha.

Yours affectionately,

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 7.
Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police about the nuisance of loud speakers. (M.P. 1999 P, 2004 P, Imp.)
You are Nidhi Sinha, a resident of Sheopur. Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police of your district for a ban on the free use of loudspeaker during examination. (M.P. 2018)

Moh. Aakash,
IS* February, 20
The Superintendent of Police,
Subject: Nuisance of loudspeakers.

Dear Sir,
I beg to bring to your kind notice the annoyance and inconvenience caused to several people, mainly students in this locality by the unrestricted way in which loudspeakers are allowed to be used both during night and day by some people.
For instance, only yesterday we had to tolerate loudspeakers all the twenty four hours of the day in our locality. Although my house is one kilometre away from the place where the loudspeaker was being actually played yet I could not sleep whole night.
I really wonder how people residing nearby were able to put up with the noise. And, how students could have been able to study.

I, therefore, suggest, there should be a restriction of hours as well as volume at which the loudspeakers can be played, so that should not become a source of irritation toothers.
Hope my suggestions would be come to you.

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
S. L. Shrivastava.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 8.
Write a letter to the Health Officer of your zone informing him about the bad sanitary condition of the street in which you reside.
Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the insanitary condition of the street and bad state of roads. (M.P. 2004, 09 R, 18)

70, Alwar Marg,
Rajdhani Nivas,
Feb. 20* 20
The Health Officer,

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the unhygienic conditions of my locality in which we residents are forced to live, it would be good enough on your part to come and survey the area and peep into our grievances and take some remedial step.
The area where I reside is the most unhealthy street of the area, here a large number of cattles are tied as a result it is not only difficult to pass but also a breeding place of mosquitoes and flies.

The resident of some of the blocks too have very unhygienc habit they throw the household rubbish all about the street, knowing well that no sweeper ever visits this area. If the authori¬ties do not take any immediate step, some terrible epidemic will likely attack this colony. I therefore, appeal to you to take immediate measure and remove our grievances.

Hoping for the best.
Yours faithfully,
Munshi Ram.

Question 9.
You are Naveen Pratap Singh, a resident of 49, Tilak Nagar, Indore, The death due to voilence have increased considerably during recent years.
Write a letter to the editor of the magazine. ‘World Today’ suggesting how educated youth can play a ma¬jor role in establishing peace in society. (M.P. 2015, 16)
World Today,
Subject : Role of youth in establishing peace in society.
Youth are the tomorrow of any society. It is the strongest bond that runs across the nation. Youth can play a role of powerful instrument in bringing changes. Write the advancement in science and technology the mutual understanding, brotherhood, cooperation are getting re¬placed by jealous, envy, unwanted competition. The peace all around is getting distrubed.

Youth can play an important role in bringing peace all around. When youth will the deter-mined to remove the barriers of communal intentions than that day would not be far away when-the whole world will be in peace. Youth can surely bring and establish peace and make world a ‘better place to live’. Naveen Pratap Singh 49, Tilak Nagar, Indore.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 10.
You are Akshaya 120, Shyamla Hills Bhopal, you are interested in doing a short-term computer programming.
Write a letter to the Director-Aptech Computers Bhopal inquiring about the duration of such a course and the terms and conditions for admission.
120, Shyamla Hills
Aptech Computers,
1 March, 20 ………………….
Subject : Information about short-term Computer Programming.

Dear Sir,
I am a student of class XII, I am very anxious to do some short-term course in computer 1 programming.
Kindly inform me if there is any short-term course for computer programming for 2-3 months which I can do during my summer vacations, It shall be greatly appreciated if you kindly let me have the information about the timings duration and fees and other terms and conditions.
Yours faithfully,

Question 11.
You are Ramesh living in 81, Kanti Nagar Gwalior. Write a letter to Municipal Commissioner complaining about the large number of Malaria cases in your area.
81, Kanti Nagar Gwalior,
20 September, 20
Municipal Commissioner,
Dear Sir,

I regret to bring to your notice that Malaria has been raging in the area since the last fort-night. So far about fifteen lives have been claimed.
The fury of this disease is on the rise and has made people panicky. People are greatly terrified. Since this area falls within your jurisdiction.’

I request you to please use your influence on the health department to take immediate steps to check any further increase of this disease. It would be good if some programmes could be iniixited including the distribution malaria pills.

Yours faithfully,

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 12.
Write a letter to your Principal for four day’s sick leave as you are suffering from fever. (M.P. 2009)
The Principal,
Govt. Multipurpose School,
Ashok Nagar,
Subject: Sick leave.


With due respect I wish to state that I am unable to attend the school for four days as I am suffering from fever and my doctor has advised me to take rest at home.
Therefore I request you to kindly grant me four day’s leave i.e. from 12.09.18 to 15.09.18 and oblige. I will submit the Medical Certificate in this regard when I report to the School.

Thanking you.
Yours Obediently,
Anil Verma Class-XII (A)

Question 13.
You are Rakesh Pandey residing at 69/B Sai Nath Colony, Barwani. Write a letter of complaint to the supervisor, M.P. Electricity Board, Barwani regarding the frequent break-down in electricity supply in your area. (M.P. 2011,13)
Rakesh Pandey 69/B Sai Nath Colony
6th April 20
The Supervisor M.P. Electricity Board Barwani (M.P.)
Subject: Complain regarding frequent break-down of electricity.

I would like to draw your kind attention to the frequent break-down of electricity in our locality. The electricity goes off five or six times during the pace of twenty four hours. This causes great inconvenience to the residents of the locality, especially young children who are busy with their studies at night. I believe that there is some defect with the electric wiring which causes the break-downs. I would request you to kindly issue directions to your staff for the necessary repairs.

Thanking You.
Yours faithfully,
Rakesh Pandey

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 14.
You are Jayant Garg at 12/F Silver Hills Colony, Dhar. You are twelveth class student in St. Mary’s convent school. There was an Annual sports meet in your school and you had participated in it.
Write a letter to your friend Manish Shah describing the Annual sports held in your school. (M.P. 2011)
12/F, Silver Hills Colony,
Dhar (M.P.)
24 April, 20….
Dear Manish Shah,

I was very glad to recieve your letter dated 18th instant. It is really very pleasant to hear from a friend like you every now and then.

I have a great news for you regarding my school’s Annual Sports Meet, where I participated and won a gold medal, for best athelete of the year.

The Annual atheletic meet of St. Mary’s convent school is known all over. It gives me great pleasure to be the student of the same school.

The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Siddharth Naik, the eminent sportsman of our town. The days programme began with an impressive March past.

The star athlete of the day was grabbed by me for Nehru House. Tagore House won the girls’ 100 M race. Raman House broke the school record in the high jump event.

It was a very exciting day for me as this is my last academic year in the school. 1 missed your presence on this day. I enclose hereby wishing you best wishes for your exams.

Sincerely yours
Jayant Garg.

Question 15.
You are Anand Sharma. You live in a rented house. Write a letter to your landlord Mr. Goel asking him to undertake the repair work immediately. (M.P. 2016)
Write a letter to your landlord requesting him for certain repairs in the flat rented to you. (M.P. 2014)
B-105, Janakpuri,
New Delhi-110058
March 7,20….
Dear Mr. Goel,

I wish to bring to your kind notice that your flat requires certain repairs of urgent nature. The root of the bathroom is leaking due to heavy rains. There is also a minor leakage in the ceiling of one of the bedrooms. Besides, the plaster of the walls has come out at many places. You may be aware that no white-washing has been done in the flat for the past three years.

You will appreciate that it is in your interest that the flat owned by you is maintained in a proper condition. If the necessary repairs are not done urgently, it is likely that more damage will be caused and it may require more expenditure to repair the damage.

I would request you to pay a visit to the flat or send someone to make inspection of the urgent requirements regarding maintenance of the flat. I am sure, you will not neglect the matter any further and will do the needful done at your earliest convenience.

With thanks
Yours sincerely,
Anand Sharma.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 16.
The transport authorities have decided to increase the bus fare by 30% of the existing one. You are Naveen, a student of class XII, residing in Sector A, Tilak Colony Indore. You are worried as you commute to school by bus. Write a letter to the Chairman, State Transport Corporation to reconsider the decision in the interest of the pas¬sengers and students. (M.P. 2014)
(A student of Class XII)
Sector A, Tilak Colony Indore (M.P.)
24 April, 20
The Chairman,
State Transport Corporation,
Indore (M.P.).

Subject: Steep increase in Bus Fares.

I want to draw your kind attention towards the recent decision to increase the bus fares which seems to be fully unjustified. Many passengers of middle class families travel in buses everyday and it is beyond their limits to pay the increase bus fare, Sir you are kindly requested to reconsider the decision in the interest of the passengers and students.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely,

Question 17.
Write an application to the Principal RIE, Bhopal. Request him to send syllabus of B.Sc. (Bed). You have passed 12th with 75% marks in MP Board’s examination – 2018. (M.P. 2015)
Rakesh Pandey
69/8, Sai Nath Colony
25th April, 2018

The Principal RIE Bhopal (M.P.)
Subject: Request regarding sending syllabus of B.Sc. (B.Ed).

I humbly would like to request you, to kindly send the syllabus of B.Sc. (B.Ed) as the dates for regular classes has been declared for which the syllabus would be must.

I have passed 12th with 75% marks in M.P. Board Examination 2018. Therefore, for my regular college I need the syllabus as soon as possible. I would request you kindly to look into the matter with a positive response.

Thanking You
Yours obediently,

MP Board Class 12th Special English Short Compositions Important Questions

Question 18.
You are Yugandhar, lived at Chhapara, 23, Sanjay colony. Write a letter to your Buaji inviting her on your birthday with her husband.
To celebrate the party in “Manohar garden” Mungwari. (M.P. 2015)
Chhapara 23,
Sanjay Colony
26 April, 20….

Respected Buaji,

How are you all? You will be glad to know that this year I have decided to have a family gathering on the occasion of my birthday. I was very happy to learn that uncle and you are also waiting for my birthday.

My birthday falls on 2nd May and I along with my parents have decided to arrange a party in “Manohar Garden” Mungwari.
I would like to invite you both and would be eager to seek your blessings on the day. The timing for the party is from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Kindly accept my invitation and make my day blessed by your presence.

Yours affectionately,