MP Board Class 10th Special English Important Questions Chapter 2 The Happy Prince

MP Board Class 10th Special English Important Questions Chapter 2 The Happy Prince

Answer the following questions in about 50 words:

Question 1.
What was the statue of the Happy Prince adorned with? (MP 2014)
The statue of the Happy Prince was adorned with thin leaves of fine gold. He had two bright sapphires for his eyes and a large red ruby was shining on the handle of his sword.

Question 2.
How was the Swallow instrumental in lessening the miseries of the people? (MP 2011, 12)
The happy prince was able to see the miseries of the people and wanted to help them. But since he was just a statue he could not budge from his Palace. The Swallow helped him to make his gifts reach to the people whom he wanted to give. He gave the ruby to seamstress, sapphires to the play writer and the match girl.

The Swallow also gave the golden leaves of the Happy Prince to the poor and miserable people. In this way the Swallow was instrumental in lessening the miseries of the people.

Question 3.
The story of the Happy Prince is an indirect criticism of the insensitivity, selfishness and swallow thinking of man. Critically analyse the statement quoting examples from the story. (MP 2012)
The Swallow saw the rich people making merry. They did not bother about the beggars sitting at their gates. Poor children dwelling in the dark lanes are starving. The rich people do not worry about them. Two little boys take shelter under a bridge to save themselves from rain but the watchman drives them away. Poor seamstress and match girl are not cared for nor the poor play writer. Thus, this statement is quite appropriate.

Question 4.
Did the Swallow go to Egypt? Give reasons. (MP 2009, 16)
No, the Swallow did not go to Egypt. He had decided to stay with the Happy Prince for ever because, he gone blind. He would not leave the Happy Prince out of his deep love and regard for him. Moreover he lost his strength to fly and died at the feet of the Happy Prince.

MP Board Class 10th Special English Important Questions Chapter 2 The Happy Prince

Question 5.
To whom did the Happy Prince give the ruby and why? (MP 2013)
There was a seamstress, far away in the little street. Her little son lay ill in the bed. He was suffering from fever. He was asking for oranges. He was crying because his mother could not afford to give him anything but river water. Therefore, the Happy Prince gave her the ruby.

Question 6.
What happened to the statue of Happy Prince at last? (MP 2017)
The mayor and the town councilors pulled down the statue of Happy Prince. They decided to melt in the furnace. But the broken lead heart did not melt in the furnace and it was thrown in a dust heap along with the dead swallow.

Question 7.
What were the Happy Prince’s eyes made of? What did he do with them? (MP 2018)
The Happy Prince’s eyes Were made of two bright sapphires. He gave one of the sapphires to the play wright who was feeling cold and hungry and was not able to write the play. He gave the second sapphires to a little match girl who was crying for her matches which fell into the gutter.

MP Board Class 10th English Important Questions

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