MP Board Class 10th General English Letter Writing Important Questions

Students get through the MP Board Class 10th English Important Questions General English Letter Writing which are most likely to be asked in the exam.

MP Board Class 10th General English Letter Writing Important Questions

Question 1.
You are Lokesh, residing in 101, Professor Colony, Char Bag, Indore. Write a letter to your friend Pratyush inviting him to attend your elder sister’s marriage. (M.P. 2014, 16)

101, Professor Colony,
Char Bag, Indore
Date: 11.04.20…….

Dear Pratyush,
Hope this finds you hale and hearty. Special is that my sister’s marriage is taking place on 20th April, 20…. I invite you to attend my sister’s marriage, so that we may have fun together. A wedding card is also enclosed here with.

Do request your respected parents to grace the occasion. I hope you will not disappoint me.
Please do come with all good wishes

Your’s sincerely,

Question 2.
You are Ritu Patel residing at 54, Bank Colony, Lai Bagh Jabalpur. Write a letter to your friend Sandhya asking her to attend your elder brother’s marriage. (2000-C, 01-B, 02-A1,B1,C1, 04-B2,C2, 12, 17, M.P. 2017)

Main Road, Lahar
10th May, 20……

My Dear Sandhya,

By the favour of God I am all right here and hope the same to you there. It is a matter of great pleasure that the marriage ceremony of my elder brother is going to take place on the 22nd of this month. Invitation card is being sent to you separately. But I want that you should come without fail atleast a few days before the date of marriage. Anil and Ramu are also coming. I shall await you very eagerly.

Sincerely yours,
Ritu Patel

MP Board Class 10th General English Letter Writing Important Questions

Question 3.
You are Chinu Singh living in 55, Awas Nagar, Dewas. Write a letter to your friend congratulating her on passing the Higher Secondary School Examination in the first division. (M.P. 2000 A, 15)

52, Awas Nagar,
28th August, 20……..

My Dear Shalley,
I am extremely happy to know that you have passed the High School Examination in the first division. Please accept my hearty congratulations for your well deserved success. It is a creditable achievement for you. Please, convey my respect to your parents.

I hope that you will keep writing to me.

Yours sincerely,
Chinu Singh

Question 4.
Write a letter to your father telling him about your study. (M.P. 2011)

856 Boys Hostel
Ram Nagar, Bhopal.
22nd Feb 20……

Dear father
How are you? I am quite well by the grace of almighty God. I have received your letter dated 12\2\….. and read the content.

Father you need not to worry about my study I am working hard to secure good marks in all my subjects especially in maths. I have started studying early in the morning and late at night.

Every thing is fine, give my regards to mother and love to brother Suresh.
I am ending this letter with lot of affections.

Yours loving son,

MP Board Class 10th General English Letter Writing Important Questions

Question 5.
You are Sushil Sharma living in room No. 5 of the General Hostel, Ravindra Higher Secondary School, Makdone (Ujjain). Write a letter to your father informing him about your hostel life studies. (1998)

Room No. 5 General Hostel,
Ravindra Higher Secondary School,
Makdone, M.P.
8th August, 20…….

My Dear Papa,
I am quite hale and hearty hear. My room mate Raju is a simple and studious student. Both of us are quite regular in studies and games. Teachers are very happy to note our progress. I am sure that I shall secure the first class in the final examination this year.

I don’t relish the food served in the hostel mess. Sometimes it is not well-cooked. I informed the warden about it and now the quality has improved.

Please, convey my respect to Mummy and love to Dolly.

Yours lovingly,

Question 6.
You are Chakradhar Singh living Hanuman Nagar, Rewa, M.P. Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to be regular in studies and games. Also tell him the importance of games and sports.

Hanuman Nagar,
Rewa, M.R
13th February, 20….

My Dear Monu,
I hope that you are quite hale and hearty there. Mother is often worried about you, because you are away from her for the first time. You have to justify your worth. You have to face the board examination this year. So you should be regular and careful in studies and games as well. You have to try hard for a merit scholarship.

There is a great importance of games and sports in our life. You know that a sound mind lives in a sound body. So you should take part in games and sports regularly.

May God bless you with a sound mind and a sound body.

Yours affectionately,
Chakradhar Singh

MP Board Class 10th General English Letter Writing Important Questions

Question 7.
You are Anil residing at 3, Vishwasakha Colony, Khargone. Write a letter to your friend Mukesh to accompany you in a trip to Agra. (1999 B, 2003 B21, 04 B1)

3, Vishwasakha Colony,
12th May, 20…….

My Dear Mukesh,
I have decided to go on a trip to Agra with two friends, Gopal and Hari. Your company in this trip will add to our pleasure. We shall visit the various historical places situated near about. We intend to stay at Mathura also for a day. We are going to start on the 25th of this month. Intimate your arrival telegraphically.

Please, convey my regards to your parents.

Yours sincerely,

Question 8.
You are Suresh Chandrakar residing at 14, Model Town, Jabalpur. Write a letter to your friend Mukesh Baghel requesting him to spend the summer vacation with you. (M.P. 2012)

14, Model Town, Jabalpur
5th May, 20….

My Dear Mukesh,
After the end of our examinations you left Jabalpur suddenly. I hope that you are quite well with your parents and other members of your family. In fact, I want to enjoy rural life in your company at my village. Now our examinations are over and we are free during the summer vacation. Hence, do accept my proposal and come here at your earliest.

Please, convey my regards to your parents.

Yours sincerely,

Question 9.
You are Sadanand Dixit residing at 2, Saraswati Colony, Tarana. Your father lives in Jabalpur. Write a letter to your father requesting him to send Rs. 500 for books and clothes. (2001-A, 03-B1)

2, Saraswati Colony,
10th August, 20……

Respected Papa,
I have to inform you that mother and Mantu are all right. According to your instructions, I have taken admission in Saraswati Vidya Mandir and have started my studies regularly. I have to purchase a pair of uniforms and some textbooks. So kindly send Rs. Five Hundred by M.O.

Yours affectionately,

MP Board Class 10th General English Letter Writing Important Questions

Question 10.
You are Anil Tiwari reading in Class X A in Govt. High School, Dhilla (Tikamgarh). Write a letter to Yugbodh Prakashan to send the books you require.
M/s. Yugbodh Prakashan,
6, Samta Colony, Raipur (C.G.).
Dear sir,

Kindly send the following books published by you. Please, pack the books properly and send by V.P.P. so as to reach me by the end of this month.
List of Books:

  • General English X by R.P. Singh
  • English Bharati X by Dr. Arun Singh
  • English Bharati XII by Dr. Anil Singh

Yours faithfully,
Anil Tiwari
X A, Govt. High School, Dhilla.
10th Aug, 20

Question 11.
One of your friends has become disabled after an accident. He is very much depressed. Write a letter telling him about the power of determination. (Imp.)

2/36 Ram Nagar,

Dear Friend Suresh,
It was extremely shocking to know about the terrible accident that you met with last month. The fact saddened me further was the loss of your left limb. The permanent loss has depressed you, I have heard as it should be. You must be feeling that all your hopes and dreams have shattered.

But here, I beg to differ from you. I accept that this loss is huge but I thank God for saving your life. Nothing in this world is more precious to anyone than one’s life and till there is life there is hope and till there is hope there are dreams. Your way to your aim has definitely become difficult but not impossible. This incident should make you more resolute instead of defeated. Never let the depression overtake you at any moment. Strive for your goal and achieve it by preseverance and set an example for all. I am always with you.

Your best friend,
Kishore Kumar

Question 12.
Letter to editor, Hindustan Times (an English Daily), Bhopal, complaining about poor water supply. (M.P. 2012, Imp.)

MIG-25 Tilak Nagar,

The Editor,
Hindustan Times,
Malviya Nagar, Bhopal.
Subject: Poor water supply.
Dear Sir,

In our colony the water supply has been cut by 50 percent. Besides, water is not being supplied everyday. This has caused a lot of inconvenience in the summer season. People need more water for drinking, bathing and even for sprinkling and washing their clothes. People stand in queues waiting for water. There is no other source of getting water because even the hand pumps do not work properly.

If immediate steps are not taken water famine may arise. The authorities should take some steps for restoring the regular supply of water.

I shall be obliged if you publish the above lines in your esteemed daily.

Yours sincerely,

MP Board Class 10th General English Letter Writing Important Questions

Question 13.
Write a letter of sympathy to a friend who has failed in the examination. (M.P. 2009, 12)

210, Anand Nagar,
Raipur (C.G.),
Dated: 7th May 20…..

Dear Rajesh,
I became very much worried when I heard the news of your failure in the examination. I was told that it happend due to your ill health. I wanted to see you and meet you but owing to the illness of my mother it did not become possible.

Your father has told me that you have become very much depressed because you have to remain in the same class. I ask you to remain optimistic. Firm determination and hard work is a great source of overcoming any kind of trouble. Work hard to get success with power of determination. Don’t lose hope.
I shall soon visit you.

Yours truly,

Question 14.
You are Nirmalesh, Living at 37, MIG, Janta Colony Gwalior. Write a letter to the CEO Zila Panchayat. Complaining about the street light problem and poor drainage.

37, MIG, Janta Colony,
Gwalior (M.P.)
Date: 15.05…..

Mr. Raj Malhotra,
CEO, Zila Panchayat,
City Centre,
Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject: Complaining about street light drainage system.
Respected sir,

It is to inform you that the street lights in our area are not working properly. Many of them are fused. Few of them, lights for few hours only. There is one more problem in this area, that is poor drainage systems. In rainy season, water gets store on roads. It takes a lot of time to drain which creates a lot of problems. I request you to look the problems and try to sort then.

Yours faithfully