MP Board Class 10th General English Message Writing Important Questions

MP Board Class 10th General English Message Writing Important Questions

Study this example:

11 Dec. 2012

Dear Shantanu,

Vicky came to see you. Returned your books. They are on the bookshelf. I am going to market. Lunch is in the kitchen. Collect the keys from Aunt Renu. I’ll be back 3 p.m. Bye.


Now, Write a message to your mother. You can’t wait till 3 p.m. as you have to go to play a match. You are Shantanu.

Hi Ma,

I have collected the books. I have also taken the lunch. I can’t wait till your arrival. I am going to play a match. I’ll be back by 6:30 p.m. Bye.


Question 1.
Prepare an invitation card to invite guests on the Annual function of your school.
MP Board Class 10th General English Message Writing Important Questions 1

MP Board Class 10th General English Message Writing Important Questions

Question 2.
Ramesh had the conversation given below with his brother Raju’s tutor, Mr. Mahapatra. Since he was going out immediately afterwards, he left a message for Raju. Read the conversation and write out the message in about 40 words.
Mr. Mahapatra: Hello, this is R.K. Mahapatra speaking. Could I speak to Raju?
Ramesh: I’m afraid he is not at home, Mr. Mahapatra.
Mr. Mahapatra: When is he likely to come back?
Ramesh: In about two hours. Could J give him your message?
Mr. Mahapatra: Yes, please. Could you tell him that I won’t be able to make it today.
I was supposed to come at six. However, I can come at six tomorrow. If that is convenient, he should call me at home after eight at night today to fix another time. Will you see that he gets the message?
Ramesh: Yes sir, I will.

Dear Raju,

There was a telephone call from your tutor, Mr. Mahapatra. He won’t be able to come today, but he says he could come tomorrow at six. If that is not convenient to you, you can fix another time with him by calling at his home after 8 p.m. today.


Question 3.
Read the following telephonic conversation:
Kamini: Hello ! Hello! I am Kamini from Indore. Can I speak to Ajay? I am his sister.
Karan: Hello ! Kamini. I am Karan, Ajay’s Colleague. Ajay is on leave today. Can I take a message?
Kamini: Yes, Karan. I am coming to Mumbai tomorrow. Ask him to pick up at the airport. I have an interview for the Post of Scientist at NOCIL the day after tomorrow.
Karan: Which flight are you coming on?
Kamini: Its the Jet Airways flight which arrives there at 8:15 or so in the morning. I am bringing along with me a big box that contains books. I hope it won’t be any trouble for you.
Karan: Not at all. I will leave the message on his table. Okay Kamini.
Kamini: Thank you, Karan. Bye.
Now write a message for Ajay based on the conversation.

Dear Ajay,

Today, there was a telephonic message from your sister, Kamini. She is coming to Mumbai tomorrow i.e. the 17th because she has any interview here. She is coming by Jet Airways flight which will be reaching here around 8:15 a.m. She says she will be bringing with her a big box containing books. Please pick her up at the airport.


MP Board Class 10th English Important Questions

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