MP Board Class 8th Special English Revision Exercises 1

Students who are in search of Class 8th English Solutions can use MP Board Solutions for Class 8th English Chapter Wise Pdf. So, if you follow MP Board Class 8th Special English Textbook Solutions you can cover all the topics in Revision Exercises 1 Questions and Answers. First check in which chapter you are lagging and then Download MP Board Solutions for Class 8th English. English is the scoring subject if you improve your grammar skills. Because most of the students will lose marks by writing grammar mistakes. So, we suggest you to Download MP Board Class 8th English Solutions according to the chapters.

MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Revision Exercises 1

Check out the topics covered in Chapter before you start your preparation. Improve your grammar skills with the help of MP Board Class 8th English Revision Exercises 1 Questions and Answers pdf links. The solutions for MP Board Class 8th English Textbook are prepared by the English experts. This helps to improve your communication skills.
Word Power

A. Mach the following opposites :

  1. encourage – (a) cheerful
  2. clumsy – (b) deep
  3. success – (c) narrow
  4. even – (d) nervous
  5. gloomy – (e) tame
  6. fertile – (f) sculled
  7. dead – (g) discourage
  8. shallow – (h) infertile
  9. savage – (i) alive
  10. bold – (j) uneven
  11. broad – (k) failure


  1. – (g)
  2. – (f)
  3. – (k)
  4. – (j)
  5. – (a)
  6. – (h)
  7. – (i)
  8. – (b)
  9. – (e)
  10. – (d)
  11. – (c)

B. Choose appropriate words from the box and fill in the blanks to complete the sentences :
licence, chairmanship, surgeon, artist, praised, satpura, beneficial, stretched

  1. The doctor who specialises in surgical operations is called a ………………..
  2. Kathakali is a performing art. The expressions of the ……………….. in Kathakali are praiseworthy.
  3. He ……………….. and yawned lazily.
  4. Herbal medicines are of great benefit. Fried food is not ……………….. for health.
  5. You can’t drive without a ………………..
  6. Everybody ……………….. Anu for her achievement.
  7. The Narmada flows between the Vindhyachal and the ……………….. mountains.
  8. The meeting held on a hill top under the ……………….. of Akela, the lone wolf.


  1. surgeon
  2. artist
  3. stretched
  4. beneficial
  5. licence
  6. praised
  7. satpura
  8. chairmanship.


Class 8 English Revision Exercise 1 Question 1.
What should we do when things seem worst?
When things seem worst, we have to stick to them. We must not quit.

Revision Exercise 1 Class 8 MP Board Question 2.
What was the plan of Shekh Chilli?
Shekh Chilli’s plan was to buy a cow when I got some money.

Revision Exercise 1 English MP Board Class 8 Question 3.
What did Abdul Kalam’s family do for their living?
Abdul Kalam’s family was engaged in ferrying pilgrims between Dhanushkhodi and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

Revision Exercises 1 MP Board Class 8 Question 4.
What is Maheshwar famous for?
The humble palace of Devi Ahilya Bai is located at the ghat of Maheshwar.

Mp Board Solution Class 8 English Question 5.
What is the meaning of Narmada?
The word ‘Narmada’ means one who soothes and gives pleasures to all.

English Class 8 Revision MP Board Question 6.
What did the law of the jungle forbid? Why?
The ‘Law of the Jungle’ forbade the animals to change their quarters without due warning

Class 8 Mp Board Solution English Question 7.
What was the price at which the cub was bought to the wolves pack?
The cub was bought to the Wolves Pack for the price of a newly killed bull.

Class 8 English Mp Board Solution Question 8.
What brought a change in Sharad’s view of his disability?
Sharad had a talk with some disabled athletes in the train. He got impressed to learn that those disabled athletes had positive attitude towards life. They had not hidden their disability with a shawl like him. This left a deep impact on Sharad’s mind. Now his view changed completely.

Mp Board Solution Class 8 Subject English Question 9.
When and where were the first International Abilympics held?
The first International Abilympics was held in Tokyo in 1981.

Mp Board Solution Class 8th English Question 10.
What was the name of the girl who had the face of an angel?
Her name was Angel.

Class 8th English Mp Board Solution Question 11.
What is never to be treated as a mock and why?
Do yourself.

Mp Board Solution English Class 8 Question 12.
How did Abdul Kalam learn that perseverance maked miracles?
Once Kalam was invited his teacher Mr. Subramania Iyer. Iyer’s wife was an orthodox Hindu lady. So she refused to serve food to Kalam. Iyer, without showing any adverse reaction, served the food himself. It was his patience and gravity that prompted his wife another time to serve food to Kalam. This taught Kalam the lesson of perseverance.

English Class 8 Mp Board Solution Word Power

A. Match the column A with Column B.
Class 8 English Revision Exercise 1

  1. – c
  2. – f
  3. – a
  4. – g
  5. – b
  6. – d

Mp Board Solution Of Class 8 English Lets Learn

A. Fill in the blanks with the appro-priate prepositions.
(among, in, at, on, to, between, into, from, for, with, of)

  1. The books are …………. the table.
  2. He was rewarded …………. a medal.
  3. He died …………. fever.
  4. She lives close …………. my house.
  5. They distributed the bananas …………. the students.
  6. he jumped …………. the river.
  7. He has applied …………. a job.
  8. Ramu lives …………. a village.
  9. Mohan borrowed money ………….
  10. They laughed …………. him.
  11. Raju was sitting …………. Mohan and Sohan.
  12. We can’t see the sun …………. night.


  1. – on
  2. – with
  3. – of
  4. – to
  5. – among
  6. – into
  7. – for
  8. – in
  9. – from
  10. – at
  11. – between
  12. – at

B. Insert the articles (a, an, the) wherever necessary.

  1. Rich are not always happy.
  2. Apple is fruit.
  3. Earth moves round sun.
  4. Elephant is biggest animal on earth.
  5. Sunday is first day of week.
  6. Give me hundred rupees.
  7. Raju is honest boy.
  8. Ramayana is holy book of Hindus.
  9. Taj Mahal is in Agra.
  10. This is table.


  1. The rich are not always happy.
  2. An apple is a fruit.
  3. The earth moves round the sun.
  4. The elephant is the biggest animal on the earth.
  5. Sunday is the first day of the week.
  6. Give me a hundred rupees.
  7. Raju is an honest boy.
  8. The Ramayana is a holy book of the Hindus.
  9. The Taj Mahal is in Agra.
  10. This is a table.

Mp Board Solution 8th Class English Let’s read

A. Read the poem and answer the questions given below:
A lily of a day
Is fairer far in May,
Although it falls and dies that night.
It was the plant and flower of light
In small proportions we just beauties see. .
And in short measures life may perfect be.

Class 8 English Revision Exercise 3 MP Board Question 1.
Who is fairer in May?
A lily of a day in farmer in May.

Mp Board Solutions Class 8 English Question 2.
Write the rhyming words of the poem.
day – may, might – light, see – be.

Question 3.
What happens to a lily in one night.
It falls and dies in one night.

Question 4.
What do we see in small proportions?
We see beauties in small proportions.

Question 5.
Give a suitable title for the poem.
The beauty of a Lily.

B. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Once upon a time a lion decided to go to war. He summoned his ministers and commanded all the animals in the forest to come before him.

The lion’s subjects all presented them-selves and the lion issued the orders : ‘El-ephant you’re the largest.’ You’ll carry the guns and all supplies. You, fox, are very sly, so you’ll help me draw up the plans for the battle. You monkey, nimble jind good at climbing trees, will act as look out. Bear, you’re strong and agile, so you’ll’climb the fortress walls and scare the enemy.

Amongst those present were also a rabbit and a donkey. When the king’s min-isters saw them, they shook their heads, and then one of them, said, “Sir, I don’t think the donkey will make a good soldier. He’s easily frightened.” The lion Looked at the donkey and remarked “He brays louder than I roar. He’ll be the trumpet that will rally the troops.”

The ministers then pointed to the rabbit and said, “He’s even more nervous than the donkey.” The lion went over to the rabbit and said, “You’ve learned to be faster than the others to survive so you’ll act as my messenger.”

Then, turning to the crowd, he said, “Everyone can help the common cause as best he is able!”.

Question 1.
Who called his ministers?
A lion called his ministers.

Question 2.
What do you mean by ‘subjects’ in this passage?
‘Subjects’ means all the other animals of the jungle.

Question 3.
What word was alloted to the monkey?
The monkey was allotted to act as look out.

Question 4.
Who carried messages?
The rabbit carried messages.

Question 5.
Who used his voice as a trumpet . for the troops?
The donkey used his voice as a trumpet for the troops.

Question 6.
What was the task allotted to the fox? Why?
The fox was told to help the lion in drawing up the plans for the battle. She was given such a taste beccause she was sly.

Question 7.
Write the adjectives which have been used for the following animals-
monkey ……………….
bear ……………….
elephant ……………….
rabbit ……………….
monkey – nimble and good
bear – agile
elephant – largest
rabbit – faster.

Lets Write

A. Write a paragraph based on the village scene by using the words given below.

Mountain-top, peak, valley, foot of the mountain, river-bank, graze, small houses, trees, bridge, clouds, birds in the sky etc.
Revision Exercise 1 Class 8 MP Board
There is a flag at the peak. From this mountain peak, nature looks very beau¬tiful. There is a valley underlying the two mountain peaks. Some small houses are there down hills, Near the bridge there are also some houses beside the trees. There is a big grazing ground along with the river. Some birds are seen in the sky which a covered with clouds.

B. Imagine you are a guest in your friend’s house. Write a paragraph in your own words about your stay there. You may use the hints given below. ,

  1. The house and its surroundings.
  2. your room
  3. electricity
  4. food-its cooking-who did it?
  5. What you and your friend did in the evening
  6. any unusual happening
  7. would you like to go their again- reason for this.

In this vacation. I have come to a friend in Delhi. His house in located in a posh locality of Preet Vihar. It is surrounded by many big apartments. The room is big. Twenty-four-hour electricity back-up has been provided by the apartment managers. My friend’s mother cooks very well. During evening we go to nearby market and Temples. I enjoy life here. I wish to come here-again.

C. You are Anand Sharma, a student of class VIII. write an application to the Headmaster of your school requesting him to change your section.
See grammer part.

D. You are Anusha, writa a letter to your friend Rita inviting her to spend the summer vacation with you.
See grammer part.

E. Write the summary of the poem ‘Don’t Quit’.
Trees are the Kindest things I Know.
See ‘summary in English’ of the given poems in the guide.

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