MP Board Class 8th Science Solutions Chapter 7 Conservation of Plants and Animals

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MP Board Class 8th Science Solutions Chapter 7 Conservation of Plants and Animals

MP Board Class 8th Science Conservation of Plants and Animals NCERT Textbook Exercises

Mp Board Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Question 1.
Fill in the blanks:
(a) A place where animals are protected in their natural habitat is called
(b) Species found only in a particular area is known as
(c) Migratory birds fly to far away places because of changes.
(a) wildlife sanctuary
(b) endemic
(c) climate.

Mp Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 7 Question 2.
Differentiate between the following:
(a) Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve
(b) Zoo and wildlife sanctuary.
(c) Endangered and extinct species
(d) Flora and fauna.
(a) Differences between wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve:
Mp Board Class 8 Science Chapter 7

(b) Differences between zoo and wildlife sanctuary:
Mp Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 7

(c) Differences between endangered and extinct species:
Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Mp Board

(d) Differences between flora and fauna:
Mp Board Solution Class 8 Science Chapter 7

Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Mp Board Question 3.
Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following:
(a) Wild animals
(b) Environment
(c) Villages (Rural areas)
(d) Cities (Urban areas)
(e) Earth
(f) The next generation.
Effects of deforestation on:
(a) Wild animals. There will be loss of wildlife due to deforestation. Wild animals will shift to new habitats because of disturbed food chains and habitat.

(b) Environment. Deforestation will leave less trees. Fewer trees will consume less carbon dioxide. This increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in nature will lead to global warming. It will disturb water cycle and reduce rainfall causing deserts.

(c) Village (Rural areas). Deforestation will result in increase in temperature, decrease in rainfall, decrease in soil fertility, and increase in natural calamities like floods and drought.

(d) Cities (Urban areas). Cities flooded with drought-affected villages, will disturb the environment. Food- grains will either not available or if available, they will be costlier. The people will also not get wood for making furniture and buildings.

(e) Earth. Deforestation is a major cause which leads to change in the soil properties. Physical properties of the soil will get affected badly. Soil erosion caused due to floods will remove the top layer of soil. The remaning part of soil will have no humus and thus less fertile. Gradually the land will get converted into desert. On the other hand, the snow of the mountains will melt due to the global warming, and many cities will be flooded causing disaster.

(f) The next generation. The next generation will either be extinct or if at all it exists, they will suffer from ‘diseases and face life without food. So, the next generation will be ill, weak and consequently face extinction.

Mp Board Solution Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Question 4.
What will happen if:
(a) we go on cutting tr.ees.
(b) the habitat of an animal is disturbed.
(c) the top layer of soil is exposed.
(a) If we go on cutting trees, then

  • Survival of the mankind will become a threat because of low oxygen concentration.
  • We have to face high temperature and pollution level.
  • Natural calamities will disrupt our lives.
  • The water cycle will be disturbed.

(b) If the habitat of an animal is disturbed, then

  • The animals will lost their natural habitat and ultimately at the periphery to become endangered.
  • The survival of animal will be difficult, because of the drought and the rise in temperature.

(c) If the top layer of soil is exposed, then

  • The exposed top layer loses all its nutrients.
  • The water holding capacity of the soil will be decreased.
  • The vegetation will go off from the field, and desertification will be {he result.

Mp Board Class 8th Science Chapter 7 Question 5.
Answer in brief:
(a) Why should we conserve biodiversity?
We should. conserve biodiversity in order to protect some species of plants and animals from being destroyed.

(b) Protected forests are also not completely safe for wild animals. Why?
Protected forests are also not completely safe for wild animals because they may not feel comfortable there. Some people may still kill them for various reasons.

(c) Some tribals depend on the jungle. How?
Some tribes depend on the jungles because they get their food and livelihood from forests. People living near forests earn their livelihood by the products obtained from forest.

(d) What are the causes and consequences of deforestation?
Causes of the deforestation are growing urbanization and industrialization. Some of the main causes are procuring land for cultivation; building houses and factories/ making furniture and using wood as fuel. Consequences are the desertification and natural calamities. It has also rendered many species of plants and animals unprotected and unconserved.

(e) What is Red Data Book?
Red Data Book is the record book and sourcebook of all the endagered animals and plants. Different record books are maintained for endangered animals and endangered plants. Also, there are different Red Data Books for plants, animals and other species.

(f) What do you understand by the term migration?
The term migration means the phenomenon of periodical movement of species of birds from its own habitat to some other habitat due to changes in climate. It is for the purpose of breeding and other specific purposes.

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Solution Chapter 7 Question 6.
In order to meet the ever-increasing demand in factories and for shelter, trees are being continually cut. Is it justified to cut trees for such projects? Discuss and prepare a brief report.
Of course, to meet the ever-increasing demand in factories and for shelter, trees are being continually cut, which is not justified at all. If one tree is cut, at least five trees should be grown so that reforestation process will remain continuous. But, if trees are cut blindly and no trees are planted then the earth will face global warming, no rainfall, climatic change, soil erosion and desertification/etc. So, cutting trees for any reason at all is not justified.

Mp Board Class 8 Chapter 7 Question 7.
How can you contribute to the maintenance of green wealth of your locality? Make a list of actions to be taken by you.
For the maintenance of the green wealth of my locality. I will prefer reforestation in the locality. I shall start a campaign, along with my friends, to make the people of the locality aware of the importance of trees/plants. Once the people become conscious of the importance of plants, they will be requested to do the following:

  1. Each member of each family should plant at least one tree in the monsoon month and take care of the tree.
  2. During summer, they should assure watering of the plants everyday.
  3. On the occasion of birthday, marriage ceremony and other happy occasions, they should gift their friends and relatives a plant in place of costly gifts.
  4. On national holidays, a seminar should be arranged to discuss subjects like importance of plants, environment restoration, biodiversity etc.

Mp Board Solution Class 8 Science Question 8.
Explain how deforestation leads to reduced rainfall?
Deforestation leads to reduce rainfall because plants are the main agents to maintain the water cycle in the environment. Plants will not absorb water from the soil and will not evaporate water from their leaves to form clouds. If clouds will not be formed then how can we expect rainfall.

Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Notes Question 9.
Find out about national parks in your state. Identify and show their location on the outline map of India.
Mp Board Class 8th Science Chapter 7
Do yourself.

Mp Board 8th Class Science Solutions Question 10.
Why should.paper be saved? Prepare a list of ways by which you can save paper.
Paper should be saved for the following reasons:

  1. A large number of trees can be saved by saving paper. This can check deforestation.
  2. Saving paper also saves energy and water needed for manufacturing paper.
  3. The amount of harmful chemicals used in papermaking will be reduced by saving paper.

The ways to save paper are as follows:

  • Economical use of paper.
  • Paper should not be burnt.
  • Recycling of paper should be done.

Mp Board Solution Class 8 Question 11.
Complete the word puzzle:
1. Species on the verge of extinction.
2. A book carrying information about endangered species.
Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Solution Chapter 7
5. Consequence of deforestation.

Class 8 Social Science Chapter 7 Mp Board Across
1. Species which have vanished.
3. Species found only in a particular habitat.
4. Variety of plants, animals and micro-organisms found in an area.
Mp Board Class 8 Chapter 7

MP Board Class 8th Science Conservation of Plants and Animals NCERT Extended Learning – Activities Projects

Mp Board Solution 8th Class Question 1.
Plant at least five different plants in your locality during this academic year and ensure their maintenance till they grow.
Do yourself.

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Chapter 7 Question 2.
Promise yourself that this year you will gift at least 5 plants to your friends and relatives on their achievements, or on occasions like birthdays. Ask your friends to take proper care of these gifted plants and encourge them to gift plants to their friends on such occasions. At the end of the year count the plants that have been gifted through this chain.
Do yourself.

Mp Board Class 8 Science Solution In English Question 3.
Is it justified to prevent tribals from staying in the core area of the forest? Discuss the matter in your class and note down the points for and against the motion in your notebook.
It is not justified in my opinion to prevent triabals from staying in the core area of a forest. It is their natural habitat. They are not any threats to animals and plants as their life is centred around plants and animals. They don’t destroy forest or kill animals unnecessarily. Forest for them is as important as for other animals and plants.

Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Question 4.
Study the biodiversity of a park nearby. Prepare a detailed report with photographs and sketches of the flora and fauna.
Do yourself.

Class 8 Mp Board Solution Question 5.
Make a list of the new information you have gathered from this chapter. Which information did you find the most interesting and why?

  • We have learnt how deforestation can destroy biodiversity.
  • We have learnt about the actual meaning of biodiversity.
  • We have also gathered new informations about extinct and endangered animals.
  • We did not know anything about Red Data Book but now we have learnt about it through this lesson.

Mp Board Solution.Com Class 8 Question 6.
Make a list of various uses of papers. Observe currency notes carefully. Do you find any difference between a currency paper and paper of your notebook? Find out where currency paper is made.
Paper is very useful for us:

  • Our books and notebooks are all made up of paper.
  • Most of our currency is made up of paper.
  • All legal informations and other important informations are encoded on papers.
  • Paper is used to make bags, containers, package materials etc. The paper used to make currency is stiffer than the normal paper and is transparent to some extent.

Mp Board Class 8 Science Solution Question 7.
Karnataka Government had launched ‘Project Elephant’ to save Asian elephants in the state. Find out about this and other such campaigns launched to protect threatened species.
Do yourself.

MP Board Class 8th Science Conservation of Plants and Animals NCERT Intext Activities and Projects

MP Board Solution Class 8 Activity 7.1
Add more causes of deforestation to your list and classify them into natural and man¬made.
Answer: Natural causes of deforestation: lightning, fires.

Man-made causes of deforestation:

  • animal grazing.
  • Wood for fuel, for making houses.
  • Wood for manufacturing of paper.

Class 8th Science Chapter 7 Activity 7.2

Animal life is also affected by deforestation. How? List the points and discuss them in your class.

  • Animals loose their shelter as trees are cut.
  • There is shortage of food for animals due to deforestation.
  • Animals become easy prey to hunters and bigger animals.
  • Food chains are disturbed.
  • Animals have to bear the bad effects of natural calamities.

Find out the number of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and biosphere reserves in your district, state and country. Record in Table 7.1. Show these areas in an outline map of your state and India.
I am a resident of Delhi. In Delhi, though there is a zoo, but there is no national park, wildlife sanctuary or biosphere reserves.

Table 7.1: Protected Areas for Conservation
Mp Board Solution Class 8 Science
Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Notes

Class 8th Science Chapter 7 Solution Activity 7.4

List the factors disturbing the biodiversity of your area. Some of these factors and human activities disturb, the biodiversity unknowingly. List these human activities. How can these be checked? Discuss in your class and write a brief report in your notebook.
Biodiversity refers to the variety of living organisms in a specific area, generally forests. The biodiversity of an area can be disturbed by the following activities:

  • Killing or hunting animals for different purposes.
  • Cutting trees and grasses which have
  • Setting fire in the forest for making areas for agricultural purposes.
  • Burning forests for human habitations.
  • Making roads to pass to other side through forest.

These are some of the human activities because of which biodiversity gets disturbed.

Activity 7.5
Try to identify the flora and fauna of your area and list them.
Flora (trees and plants): Ferns, Jamun, mango, sal, teak, Arjun, pipal, kadamb, keekar, babool, etc. are some of the flora present in our locality.
Fauna: Wild dog, leopard, wolf, deer, cheetal, chinkara, blue-bull, barking deer, etc., are some of the fauna present in our locality.

Activity 7.6
Find out the endemic plants and animals of the region where you live.
Endemic plants: Sal, wild mango, jamun and mahua. Endemic animals: Indian giant squirrel and bison.

Activity 7.7
Visit a nearly zoo. Observe the conditions provided to the animals. Were they suitable for the animals? Can animals live in artificial setting instead of their natural habitat? In your opinion, will the animals be comfortable in a zoo or in their natural habitat?
In the zoo, the tall trees and bushes are grown abundantly. There are lot of ponds, water reserves and artificial lakes made here and there. Fruit trees are also grown in plenty. To some extent these facilities are suitable but not sufficient. During winter, animals are provided with heaters to provide them heat. And during summer, arrangement of coolers is made to make wild animals’ life comfortable.

But, I believe, these are not appropriate, because wild animals would like to live in forest happily and not in these artificial settings. Wild animals will be far more comfortable in their natural habitat than in a zoo.

MP Board Class 8th Science Conservation of Plants and Animals NCERT Additional Important Questions

A. Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Name a bird sanctuary of India.
Bharatpur bird sanctuary.

Question 2.
Name a national park of India.
Kaziranga National Park.

Question 3.
Name a wildlife sanctuary of India.
Lockchao wildlife sanctuary.

Question 4.
Name a biosphere reserve of India.
Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve.

Question 5.
Name two natural causes of deforestation.
Two natural causes of deforestation are:

  1. Forest fire
  2. severe drought.

Question 6.
What do you mean by species?
Species is a group of population which are capable of interbreeding with each other.

Question 7.
What is the purpose of making national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and biosphere reserves?
The purpose of making national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and biosphere reserves is to conserve and preserve forests and wild animals.

Question 8.
What is Tiger Project?
The Tiger Project was launched on 1st April, 1973 by our government to protect the tigers of the country. Its main objective is to ensure the maintenance of a viable population of tigers in our country.

Question 9.
Why does a species of animal become endangered?
A species of animal becomes endangered, when their survival becomes difficult because of disturbances in their natural habitat.

B. Long Answer Type Questions

Question 10.
How does deforestation reduce rainfall on the one hand and lead to floods on the other?
Increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to deforestation leads to global warming, which disturbs the water cycle and reduces rainfall. As trees are cut due to deforestation, rainwater takes the shape of floods causing soil erosion.

Question 11.
What would happen if we had no wood? Is there any alternative source for wood?
If there were no wood, we would not have got any paper, fruits or herbal medicines at all. Woods are cut to make paper. But, there is an alternative for saving wood and have paper as well. The already used paper could be recycled 5-7 times and can be used. If a student saves at least one sheet of paper in a day, we can save many trees in a year.