MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Students get through the MP Board Class 10th English Important Questions General English Essay Writing which are most likely to be asked in the exam.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 1.
Wonders of Science (M.P. 2015, 17 Imp.)
Science, a Blessing or a Curse
(1997, 98, 99A, B, C, 2000, 09-A, C; 01-A, B, C; 02-A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2, 03-A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2, A1E, B1E, C1E, 04-C1, A2E, B2E, C2E, 12, Imp.)
Science: A good servant but a bad master (M.P. 2016)
Science: A Boon or a Curse (M.P. 2014)
“In the sky above, in the ocean below and on the earth in between-everywhere has gone the triumphant chariot of science.” – Anon

“Our life, today, is governed and conditioned by the offshoots of science.” – Nehru

1. Introduction: In the dim dawn of creation when man opened his eyes he saw the blazing sun, the shining moon, the twinkling stars, the fast flowing rivers etc. he cried in the amazement, “What are these ?”
That question has been fully answered, today, by science.

The modern age is the age of science. The effect of science can be seen in all aspects of life. There are many wonderful things invented by science. In fact it has brought about a complete change in the whole world. We can say that science has changed this world into a fairyland.

2. Science as a Blessing: We can discuss science as a blessing as below:
(i) Science in our Daily Life: Science has increased comforts in the life of mankind. Daily life has now become very easy with the help of science. Food can be cooked very quickly by pressure cooker and can be kept fresh for a long time in refrigerator. Clothes can be washed in a washing machine without any labour in a very short time.

(ii) Electricity: Electricity is a great wonder of science. Science has given us fans and air-conditioners which save us from heat and cold. Electric bulbs and tubelights give us light. Machinery works with the help of electricity.

(iii) Means of Transportation and Communication: Science has made our travels more comfortably now. We have various means of journey. They take us to our destination in a short time comfortably. We have won distance by the use of trains, buses, cars, steamers and planes. In fact, the far off countries have come closer due to quick services of aeroplanes. We can travel thousands of miles in a few hours.

Science has brought a revolutionary change in the field of communications also. Telephone, telegraph and wireless have made the world quite small. Radio and television are the valuable gifts of science.

(iv) Medical Field: Science has helped us to fight many fatal diseases like T.B. and Cancer. It has lessened the sufferings and miseries of mankind. Surgery and X-rays are great boons. Science has given eyes to the blind, legs to the lame and ears to the deaf. Diseases like plague, cholera, small pox and maleria have been controlled by the help of science.

(v) Agriculture: Better with the help of fertilizers, medicines and better irrigation facilities we can take bumper crops. ‘Green Revolution’ and ‘White Revolution’ (milk) have given us a lot.

(vi) Entertainment and Education: Science has given us cinema, T.V., radio and many other things. It has given us calculators, robots, cameras and computers. Computer is a great wonder of science. These inventions help in the field of education.

3. As a Curse: But this is only one side of the coin. Science has produced many deadlier weapons also and made wars most destructive by bombs and missiles. The world is sitting on a valcano. Any Laden or Hitler may explode it. If the Third World War breaks, it will destroy the whole world by nuclear weapons.

It has been rightly said, “The third world war will be fought with bombs and missiles but the fourth will be fought with stones and arrows.” – C.E.M. Joad

4. Conclusion: Gandhiji has rightly said, “Science has taught us to fly like birds in the sky and swim like fish in the oceans but it has not taught us how to walk on the earth.”

In fact, there is nothing wrong with science. It is up to man, how he uses it. It is a blessing and a curse both. Hence, many should use science for peace and happiness of mankind. It should never be used for war or any other destructive purpose. We can say that science is a good servant but a bad master.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 2.
An Indian Festival
(1999-B, C, 2000-B, 01-A, 02-A2, B1, C1, B2, C2, 03-A1, A2, 04-A1, B1, C1, 04-A2E, B2E, C2E, 12, 16, Imp.)
The Festival You Like Most (M.P. 2014, 17)
1. Introduction: India is a land of fasts, feasts, fairs and festivals. There is some fair or festival in every month throughout the year. They are mostly religious, social, national or seasonal. Diwali is an important festival celebrated all over the country.

2. When and Why Celebrated: Diwali is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the month of Kartik when rains have ended. It marks the advent of winter when the harvest is ready to be reaped. It is said that Ram, the king of Ayodhya returned to his kingdom on this day after his victory over Ravan, the king of Lanka. So people welcomed him by lighting lamps in the city. People illuminate their houses and worship Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth in memory of the same.

3. Celebrations: This festival is celebrated with great Joy. People clean their houses, whitewash and decorate them. In the evening the earthen lamps, candle sticks and electric bulbs of different colours are lighted. Crackers are burnt. Goddess Laxmi is worshiped. Sweets are eaten. The merchants open new account-books for their business. Most of the people and children put on new clothes on this auspicious day.

People send greetings to their relatives and friends. ‘Diwali Milan’ is arranged to meet local friends and relatives who join to enjoy this festival. Usually they forget their mutual enmity and embrace one another with hearty sentiments. Though this is a festival of the Hindus yet people of all communities of the country join in this celebration. Thus this festival increases the feeling of unity and brotherhood.

4. Conclusion: But there is a dark aspect too of this great festival. On this day many people gamble. Many times the fireworks result in accidents and children fall prey to bums. These fireworks are costly, and there is a huge wastage of money. If these evils are controlled, this festival brings the message of happy future for all alike.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 3.
My Hobby
(1998, 99-A, 2001-C, 02-A2, C1, 03-A1, B1, 03-B1E, 04-A1B1, C1, A2E, C2E, 12, 15, 16, 17 Imp.)
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
1. Introduction: Man is not a machine. So he has to take shelter to some hobby or the other. Hobby is a pleasant pastime. It washes away the monotony and gives fresh energy. It is the best use of leisure. It gives mental recreation too.

2. My Hobby: There are many kinds of hobbies e.g. singing, dancing, photography, painting, stamp-collection, gardening, hunting and swimming etc. I have taken up gardening as my hobby. I have inculcated a taste for gardening since my childhood. I am very much interested in plants and flowers. I have visited many beautiful gardens situated in big cities.

3. What I do for my hobby: I have prepared a small but beautiful garden within the boundary of my house. There are many plants with beautiful flowers. I am very fond of roses. So I have collected fifteen varieties of roses in my garden. There are various other flowers too. Besides this there are small fruit trees. In a small portion of my garden, I grow vegetables also.

I work in my garden during my leisure time daily. I prepare beds of plants and water them. I also do grafting and cutting of the unwanted branches. I take great pleasure in these works. Many times I present the fruits and flowers to my friends. When I pluck vegetables for my mother’s kitchen, she is very much pleased.

4. Conclusion: My hobby is not expensive. I do not spend much on it. Other hobbies like photography etc. are quite expensive. My parents take delight in watching me working in the garden. Gardening is a good exercise also. It keeps my body and mind fit. The beautiful scenery of my small garden attracts everybody who passes by it. The fragrant flowers, the sweet fruits and the tasty vegetables of my garden are valuable wealth to me. I love my garden very much.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 4.
A Visit to a Historical Place
(2000-A,B,C, 01-A, 02-A1, C1, 02-B1, B2, 03-C2, B1E, Imp.)
1. Introduction: It is truly said that ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ There are many beautiful spots of historical importance. The Taj Mahal has the first position among them. It is the most glorious tomb built in the memory of love. It is one of the wonders of the world. Thousands of tourists come from remote countries of the world to enjoy its beauty every year. I too was very eager to see the Taj.

2. Our Journey: The combined efforts of our Principal and our history teacher brought that auspicious day when a batch of fifty students started for Agra where the Taj Mahal is situated on the bank of the holy river Yamuna. It was the month of October the most suitable season for outings and excursions. Our seats were reserved and we did not face any difficulty during our journey to Agra. Thus, we reached our destination safely the next morning and decided to go to see the Taj in the evening.

3. How it was built: Our history teacher had already taught us that the Taj Mahal, was built by Shahjahan, the Mughal emperor of India. He built this monument in the sweet memory of his beloved Begham Mumtaj who died in 1631. Twenty thousand artists were employed to build this historical monument with white marble stones. This is really a human attempt to make an immortal thing in this mortal world.

4. The Taj at Night: It was the time of sun-set when our party reached the premises. The rays of the setting sun fell on the silvery body of the Taj. The scene was extremely charming. We took some snaps and waited there till the moon came out with it’s full glory because it was a full moon night. We were spell bound to see the radiant beauty of the Taj. The domes seemed to swim in the silver light and the grand minarets shot up towards the blue sky. Words fail to express the beauty of the Taj shining in full moon light.

Going inside, we found that every part of the Taj Mahal was covered with the most graceful designs on the marble. All the arches are ornamented with the finest touches of art. Shahjahan and his queen Mumtaj sleep eternally in the heart of the central chamber. In fact the Taj is the masterpiece of architecture. Its real beauty lies in it’s simplicity. Thus, we enjoyed the beauty of the Taj till late in the night and returned to the lodge with a sweet memory in my heart. The next day we started on return journey and reached home by evening.

5. Conclusion: The Taj is really the Taj of wonders. It is the poetry in marble. It is the best love song sung by Shahjahan. Its beauty and grandeur still flashes upon my inward eye.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 5.
Importance of Games and Sports
Value of Games
(2002-C1, C2, 03-B2, 04-A1, C1, C2E, 09, 16, Imp.)
Importance of Games in Student Life (M.P. 2014)
A sound mind lives in a sound body. – Aristotle
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

1. Introduction: It is said that “Health is Wealth”. We can have a sound mind only in a sound body. Games and sports play a very important role in the life of young boys and girls. On one hand they give us recreation and on the other they help in the development of body, mind and personality. They make life charming and useful.

2. Advantages: Games and sports impart the real education for future life. Many good qualities are taught by games and sports. Discipline, mutual cooperation, unity and obedience of rules are some of the characteristic features which form the total personality of the youths. A regular habit of playing according to rules becomes a part of their character. Classroom teaching does not impart that vital education which is the impact of games and sports.

Games and sports bring about national and international honours to us. The players and athletes of different countries participate in various games and sports in the world competition. They try to show their skill with utmost vigour. If they win they bring a name for their country.

Games and sports make the growing boys and girls honest and hard working. They leam patience, confidence and courage. Victory and defeat are equal in their view. This sportsmanship makes their future bright. Moreover they form regular habits which lead them on the path of success.

3. As a profession: In the modem age games and sports have become profession also. Many skilled players and athletes earn a huge amount of money by competiting in various national and international competitions. By virtue of being good players or good athletes, they get jobs. Wherever they go they get honour.

4. Conclusion: Thus we see that games and sports are very important for the mental, physical and moral make up of the youths who have to bear great responsibilities for the progress of their country.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 6.
Independence Day Celebration
(2002-C1, 03-B2, C2, C1E)
Any National Festival
A School Function
“A man is born free but everywhere he is bound in chains.”

1. Introduction: Fifteenth of August is a red letter day for the whole of India because we achieved the long cherished independence on the 15th of August 1947. We had to struggle hard for long and our national leaders were put to severe sufferings by the foreign rulers. Many times the British rulers fired on the innocent crowd of freedom fighters as in ‘Jaliyanwala Bagh.’ But this black rule did not last long and we got the glorious victory.

2. Dawn of Independence: With the dawn of independence the chapter of slavery was closed and we had our own government with the Prime Ministership of Pt. Jawahar Lai Nehru. In memory of this glorious victory we celebrate this auspicious day with great joy every year.

3. Flag Hoisting and Procession: Independence day is celebrated in our school every year in a remarkable manner. This year also we assembled in the school in the early morning at 7.00 a.m. Our honourable Principal unfurled the national-flag followed by singing of National Anthem. Then there was the ceremonial march-past by the N.C.C. troop of our school. The Principal took the salute and read out the message of the Chief Minister of our state. After that the whole school started on a colourful procession and took a round of the town. Many guardians and government officials joined us on the way.

4. Back at School: On the return of the procession to school premises, it turned into a meeting under the chairmanship of the Municipal President. Short speeches of national importance were delivered. National poems were recited. The huge crowd of the general public and guardians was very much impressed. At the end sweets were distributed to the students by the people of the town.

5. The Colourful Evening: In the evening a programme of games and sports was held. A huge crowd had assembed to watch the performance of students. The guidance of our teachers was very much praised by everybody. Just before sun-set the National Flag was pulled down with honour. Later the whole of school building was illuminated artistically with small bulbs of different colours.

6. Conclusion: Thus the independence day was celebrated with great rejoicing. Now we have gained political liberty. But it is not enough. We have to struggle hard to get rid of illiteracy and poverty. The government of India has done a lot in this direction yet much is left to be done. Our former President, Abdul Kalam’s vision that India will become a developed country by 2020 will come true if we make it a mission and fulfil it with action.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 7.
Television (1999-C, 02-C2, 12)
1. Introduction: The modem age is the age of science and technology. Scientific inventions have brought about a revolutionary change in human life. People of all the countries of the world have accepted the marvellous inventions of science as a routine of their daily life. Television is one of those wonderful inventions by which we cannot only hear the voices but can also see what is being telecast. It has become so popular that it can be found in every house in the present times.

2. A Source of Knowledge and Entertainment: A number of transmission stations have been started all over our country also during the past few years. Since it is an audio-visual means of communication, it has become most popular. It plays a vital role in almost all the aspects of our life. We get the latest news of our country and abroad with actual scenes. We enjoy the various national and international programmes of importance sitting in our rooms. We also enjoy films and various international matches of games and sports. Many times educational programmes are also telecast. In this way we find that television is not only a source of recreation but also imparts education and increases our general knowledge.

3. A Boon for Villages: These days television has gained a very great importance in our villages where the people are mostly uneducated. It has become an effective source of adult education. Village people have started taking interest to uplift their society in all walks of life through this media. They learn a lot through the various programmes which depict the evils of superstitions, early marriages, illiteracy, increase in population etc.

4. Conclusion: Thus, we can safely say that television is very advantageous in many ways. But excess of anything is bad. If we sit before television for longer hours, it affects the eyesight and distracts the attention of students from their regular studies. So proper care should be taken to escape from the bad effects.

Question 8.
A Great Indian Leader (M.P. 2017)
The Man I Like Most
My Favourite Leader
(Mahatma Gandhi)
(1997, 98, 99-A, 2002-A, 02-B1, C1, 02 A2, 03-A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2, 03-A1E1, B1, E1, C1E, Imp.)
“Lives of great men all remind us.
We can make our lives sublime.” -H. W. Longfellow

1. Introduction: Some are born great, some achieve greatness and there are some whom greatness is thrust upon Gandhiji was born great. He is the most dazzling star in the horizon of modem India. He was an apostle of peace.

2. Birth and Family: His fall name was Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi. He was born on October 2, 1869 at Porbander in Gujrat. His father, Karam Chand Gandhi was the Deewan of Rajkot state. His mother, Putlibai was a pious lady. His wife, Kasturba was a simple lady. She assisted him all her life.

3. Education and Practice: Having received his early education in India, he went to England for further studies. He passed Bar-at-law and came back to India. He became a barrister. He started his practice at Godhara and then Mumbai. He went to South Africa in a case. The condition of the Indians was very bad there. The English tortured them. He fought for their rights. Then, he came back to India.

4. His Struggle for India’s Freedom: He started struggle for freedom. He started non-cooperation, Satyagraha and Quit India Movements. He had to go to jail many times. He loved truth and Ahimsa. Under his leadership India became free on 15th August, 1947. He worked for Harijans and Hindu-Muslim unity all his life.

5. His Death: On January 30, 1948 Gandhiji was shot dead. He left the world with his last words, ‘He Ram’. The Angel of peace left us forever. All the country mourned his death. Some reactions were as follows:
(i) Light has gone out of our lives and darkness is everywhere. – Nehru
(ii) “O Indians ! We saved Gandhi but you killed him.” – Churchil
(iii) “The world to come will never believe that such a man had ever walked on this earth with the same flesh and blood as we have.” – Einstein.
(iv) “Gandhi shot dead! The Christ has been crucified a second time.” – Pearl S. Buck

6. Conclusion: He did not possess the authority of a king; he did not possess the power of a General; he did not possess the riches of a millionaire. He was a simple man clad in a loin-cloth. But he set the stamp of his personality on an epoch. We are proud of our Bapu.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 9.
A School Function
Prize Distribution Day in Our School
(1999-A, 2002-C1, 12)
1. Introduction: Parents give birth to a child but schools bring them up into a human being. An allround development of the child is brought about by the schools. In our school also competitions in various activities, other than class-room teaching, are held every year. Literary and games and sports competitions are held throughout the year but prizes are distributed on annual prize distribution day only. This year it was celebrated on the 26th January as decided by the school council of staff and students.

2. Preparations: Preparations for this great day started atleast a fortnight before. Different sub-committees of students were formed under the charge of teachers. The whole school building was decorated with colourful buntings and balloons. A tent was pitched in front of the permanent stage of the school. Chairs were arranged in rows on the red carpets under the tent. The parents of all the students and other citizens were invited to grace the occassion.

3. The Chief Guest: The Director of Education was the chief guest who came exactly at 4 00 p.m. He was welcomed at the school gate and was garlanded by the Principal and the school captain. Then he was led to the stage. The audience stood up to pay respect to him. On his taking a seat on the stage, all the people took their seats.

4. The Main Function: All the items of competition had already been completed. So the actual function of prize distribution commenced. First of all the Principal expressed his gratitude to all those who attended the function, particularly the chief guest. Next came the student-secretary who read out a report on the various activities and achievements of the students under the guidance of their beloved Principal and respected teachers. Later came the teacher-in-charge with a list of the prize winners in different competitions.

The chief guest was requested to give away the prizes. The teacher pronounced the names of the prize winners one by one. They came to the stage and accepted their prize from the hands of the chief guest with honour. Every time the students and the audience clapped with joy. Then the chief guest was requested to speak a few words to encourage the students. He spoke on the importance of co-curricular activities. He said that our school was one of the best schools of the state. He thanked the school family and took his seat.

5. Cultural Programme: After the end of this programme, the chief guest was requested and led to the front row because a cultural programme was to take place on the stage. This programme started with the, ‘Arti’ of Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of learning. Then came the turn of dances, songs and short plays. The performance of the students was very much praised by everybody.

6. Conclusion: At about 8.30 p.m. the Principal again came to the stage and thanked the chief guest and all other persons for attending the function and declared the close of the programme. The Director was very much impressed with the achievements of the students and wished a bright future for the whole school family.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 10.
An Interesting Match
(1997, 99-A, 2000-A, B, C, 01-B, 02-A1, B2, 03-A1, A2, 03-A1E, B1E, C1E, 04-B2F, 12, 15)
1. Introduction: Games play a vital role in the life of men and women. Due to this reason they occupy a very important place in schools and colleges. Worldwide importance of games and sports cannot be denied these days. International competitions are arranged. These days cricket has become most popular throughout the world. Our India enjoys an honourable position in the world of cricket. Our country has produced many skilled cricketers.

2. My Favourite Game: In our school also due importance is given to the various games and sports. I am also interested in playing volley-ball and cricket. But cricket is my favourite game. I have been elected as captain of the school cricket team because I am an allrounder. I am equally skilled in batting, bowling and fielding. I always try to give suitable guidance to the players of my team.

3. The Teams and Venue: In November last, a cricket match was arranged between our school team and the National School team. The match was played in the Subhash Stadium of our city. Since it was Sunday, a great crowd of spectators had assembled to watch the match. At 10 A.M. sharp both the teams came to the field. The two umpires were also present. First of all we won the toss and choose to bat. The National School team was spread up for fielding.

4. Our Batting: I had already prepared the order of my batsmen. Giriraj and Jeevan were the openers. They went to the crease to face the bowlers of the opponent team. They had a very good start. They played all the fast and spin balls with confidence. Both of the batsmen hit many of balls to the boundary. They stayed at the crease for more than an hour. They scored 72 runs. Suddenly, Sunil was caught out just before the boundary line.

Ravi took his place. He could not set himself properly and was declared L.B. W. out. Next batsman was Raju who was a left hander. He helped Rajesh to increase the score. This partnership also could not give a good stand. Raju was caught behind the wicket at the score of 105 runs. Now I took his place. In the beginning I simply stopped the balls to judge them properly. Then I started hitting the ball strongly. My batting gave confidence to Rajesh also.

When my individual score crossed half a century, the spectators clapped with joy and cheered me up. Since this was a 30 overs match we had to score fast. I hit four sixes and ten fours to raise the score to 212 runs along with the score of Giriraj at the end of the prescribed 30 overs.

5. Our Fielding: Now it was the turn of the National School team to bat. So I spread up my players for fielding. On the very first spin ball sent by me, I caught the first opener and sent him back to pavillion. Next batsman came and tried to play steadily. This pair played for eight overs and at the score of only 32 runs, the second opener was run out. In this way the batsmen of the opponent team came and were sent back to the pavillion.

Five of them were out at their individual score of zero. This made them nervous but when their captain came at five down, they were a little encouraged. Runs poured in and he brought the score to respectable point of 148 runs. But he alone could not do much and was caught out. The next batsman also could not give a good stand. At the end of 30 overs they had a score of 174 runs with two wickets in hand.

6. Conclusion: Thus we won the match by 38 runs. The match was very interesting and everybody enjoyed it. I was congratulated by my teachers who witnessed my performance. We shook hands with one another and departed.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 11.
Electricity in Life
(H.S. 1998, 2000-B, 12, Imp.)
1. Introduction: Electricity is a great wonder of science. Modem life is not possible without electricity. It has really invaded all fields of human life.

2. Electricity in House-hold Works: A housewife uses various gadgets which run on electricity. She uses oven, fridge, mixer, washing-machine and electric iron. All these make her work easy. The fans, coolers and heaters save us from severe weather conditions. They add to our comfort.

We use radio, tape-recorder, T.V., C.D. player and V.C.Ps. They entertain us and enrich our knowledge. They help us to pass time.

3. Electricity outside the House: A doctor today uses many scientific instruments. They run on electricity. X-rays and E.C.G. etc. help the doctor to diagnose diseases. Microsurgery is possible only with the help of sensitive-electronic apparatus.

Trains run on electricity. Roads are lighted by it. Factories that produce consumer goods for us are run on electricity. Buses, cars and scooters have electronic parts. Multi-storey buildings have lifts. Banks use electronic alarms to safeguard our money.
Farmers use pumps and other machines which run on electricity.

4. Conclusion: There is not a field of life where electricity is not used. In fact, its excessive use has brought about the problem of its shortage.
We however hope that alternative sources of electricity will be discovered and life would continue to move as happily as ever.

Question 12.
Environmental Pollution
Problem of Pollution
(H.S. 1997, 2003-B2, Imp.)
1. Introduction: It is said that man is the child of his environment. From our environment we get things without which it may not be possible to live. Our relation with our environment is delicately balanced,

2. Causes of Pollutions: Man is however, polluting this environment by various acts. We cut trees to make houses and roads. We dispose waste matter into rivers. Our vehicles pollute the atmosphere with toxic-gases. Vehicles and machines produce a lot of noise.

3. Problem of Pollution: Nature has its ways of clearing the toxic material from the environment but it has a limit. We have crossed that limit. So the problem of pollution has become severe.

Cities have polluted air. This causes respiratory diseases. The water of rivers is polluted. It contains chemical waste and disease-germs. So, there are water-borne-diseases. The high noise in cities causes deafness and mental tension.

4. Measures against Pollution: It is a good thing that we have become aware of this problem. Now, there is restriction of cutting trees or polluting the rivers. Farmers are asked to use pesticides rationally. There is also awareness that our resources cannot bear the load of our excessive population.

5. Conclusion: It is a global problem. Agencies like the UNO and other bodies are trying to make people aware of the problem. Indeed, we can solve this problem only by making combined efforts. We must leave the future generations a cleaner and greener world.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 13.
Importance of Trees/Forests. (2004-B1, 12)
Why should we plant Trees?
(H.S. 1998, 2002-B1, 16, Imp.)
1. Introduction: From old days, man and trees have lived in harmony we depend on them as they depend on us. In fact, the animals can’t live if there are no plants. Let us see how plants and trees are useful to us.

2. Advantages of Trees: Trees give us wood. This wood is used as fuel. It is also used for building houses and boats. Wood is the raw material for paper and rayon.

Trees and plants make starch by photosynthesis. This starch is the food of all grass-eating animals. It is also the main food for human beings. Our demand for meat is also indirectly fulfilled by plants.

Trees give out water vapour. This cools the air. It is helpful in causing rains. Also, they bind the soil fast and stop the erosion of soil.

We get many herbs and medicines from plants, Uses of Tulsi, Neem, Cinchona, Eucalyptus, Amla, etc. are well known. They also purify the air by taking carbon-dioxide and releasing oxygen to the atmosphere.

Forests also provide food and shelter to various birds and animals which make our earth such a beautiful place.

3. Causes of the Problem: Unfortunately, our growing population needs lots of space and so trees have been mercilessly cut in the past. Forests are destroyed to make roads, dams and mines.

4. Conclusion: It is time, we should think seriously about this. If we don’t wake up in time to the need to save forests, it may be too late.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 14.
My Best Friend (M.P. 2015)
An Ideal Student
(2002-C2, 03-C)
“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

1. Introduction: You may have many friends, but true friends are few. Umesh is one of my best friends. I consider him an ideal boy.

2. Details: Umesh’s father is a lecturer. His father is a simple man, always helpful to others. His mother is a doctor. She is a virtuous lady. Qualities of parents are combined in Umesh.

3. His age and Personality: Umesh is 16 years old. He reads in class X of our school. He has a charming personality. He is very healthy.

4. His habits: Umesh has many good habits. He wakes up early in the morning. He goes for walking. He studies and does his home work regularly. He reaches his school in time. He obeys and respects all his teachers. He helps the weak students. He has no bad habits. He mostly stands first in the examinations. He is a good player also.

5. Position in the School: Students have elected him General Secretary. He is popular among students. He organizes many activities in the school. He himself takes active part in them.

6. At Home: Umesh helps his neighbours at the time of any trouble, all praise him. Once he saved the life of a child at the risk of his life when his house was on fire. The child’s parents thanked him very much.

7. Why I like him?: I like him most because he has a very good nature. He is kind, honest and truthful. He always helps me. He bears a good moral character. The Principal and the teachers praise him much. He believes in simple living and high thinking.

May God grant him a happy long life!

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 15.
My Ambition in Life
(1999, 2003-A1, 09, Imp.)
1. Introduction: I am a student of class X at this moment. When I was in IXth class, I once heard a lecture on science. It increased my curiosity. When I came in Class X after passing IXth class examination, I want to offer science in class XI.

2. Education: Why do I leam science? My aim is to be a scientist. I wish to know more and more about Physics. I wish to obtain graduate and post graduate degree in Physics. After that I wish to continue my study. I want to obtain the degree of Ph.D. I wish to do something new.

3. My Ambition: Our country is developing very fast. We are making more and more progress in science and technology yet we have to do much more. We are still far behind. Our industries and research centres need more scientists and technicians. I hope to be one of them.

My aim is to serve our country. I am sure I shall earn enough with this qualification. I don’t want to earn more by unfair and foul means. I hope 1 shall be able to follow certain values and principles.

The people of our country are very much in distress to find that in every sphere there is corruption. I too feel that corrupt practices should be stopped. Only then the common people can enjoy the real benefit of life. I shall do my best to remain fair and give all possible help to the people. I shall devote a good time to make researches.

Chiefly India is the land of farmers. Most of the people are engaged directly or indirectly in farming. Much has been done to increase agricultural production. I shall also work for the development of industrialization.

4. Conclusion: I am doing hard work. I am studying day and night. I hope. I shall be able to fulfil what I aspire with the good wishes of my parents, teachers and friends. I shall achieve my goal. May God give me strength to do so.

MP Board Class 10th General English Essay Writing Important Questions

Question 16.
An Ideal Teacher
(1998, 2002-A2, C1 04-A1, 12, Imp.)
My Favourite Teacher (M.P. 2014)
“He that governs well leads the blind but he that teaches gives him eyes.”

1. Introduction: I read in Govt. Anand Higher Secondary School No. 1, Chhindwara. There are many lecturers and teachers in our school. All are well-qualified. They take much interest in teaching us and have affection for us. We also like and respect all of them. But we like Shri Sunil Vajpai very much. He is very sympathetic towards us. He is hard working.

2. His Personality and Qualification: Shri Vajpai has a handsome personality. He is a man of noble nature. He is very honest, regular and punctual. He is a man of principles. These qualities make him popular. He is always well-dressed. Generally he wears shirt and pant. He is always smiling. He is an M.Com., B.Ed. He has a great knowledge of his subject.

3. His Qualities: Shri Vajpai has many qualities. He is never angry with the students. He loves his students very much. He helps them. He is a good friend of all the teachers.

4. His Work: Shri Vajpai pays great attention to his work. He is incharge of the morning shift. He assists the Principal in the administration of the school. He is also incharge of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school. He organises these activities. He guides students taking part in debates, speech competitions and essay competitions. He conducts examinations of the school also.

5. His Discipline: He likes discipline very much. All students observe discipline before him. They obey his orders cheerfully. He preaches the students to do good and noble deeds. He inspires them to make progress.

6. His Behaviour: His behaviour with the Principal and other staff members is very good. All like him. Shri Vajpai sometimes meets our parents and guardians also. He takes keen interest in all-round development of the students. He tries to help all.

7. Conclusion: Shri Vajpai is liked and respected by all. Sometimes he attends us in the games periods also. He encourages students to take part in games also. We wish him all success in his life.