MP Board Class 8th Special English Revision Exercises 2

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MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Revision Exercises 2

Check out the topics covered in Chapter before you start your preparation. Improve your grammar skills with the help of MP Board Class 8th English Revision Exercises 2 Questions and Answers pdf links. The solutions for MP Board Class 8th English Textbook are prepared by the English experts. This helps to improve your communication skills.
Word Power

Question 1.
Arrange the given words in alphabetical order :
MP Board Class 8th Special English Revision Exercises 2 1
MP Board Class 8th Special English Revision Exercises 2 2

Question 2.
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words given in the box :
[earnest, affectionate, ancient, cope, with, stretched, worship, grabbed, novels]

  1. people did not have the computer in …………….. times.
  2. There are different ways to …………….. God.
  3. Munshi Premchand wrote many …………….. on social problems.
  4. Desert plants are adapted to …………….. extreme heat.
  5. Despite her …………….. efforts, she could not find a job.
  6. He …………….. and yawned lazily.
  7. She is very …………….. towards her children.
  8. The boy …………….. the child’s hand and started running.


  1. ancient
  2. worship
  3. novels
  4. cope with
  5. earnest
  6. stretchad
  7. affectionate
  8. grabbed.


A. Choose the correct pronouns are :

Question 1.
The feminine pronouns are :
(a) He, his and him.
(b) she, shis and shim.
(c) he, she and it.
(c) she, her and hers.

Question 2.
Grandmother was determined to learn, she said :
(a) I shall try to learn Kannad alphabet.
(b) I’am too old to learn.
(c) I want to learn Hindi alphabet.
(d) I’ll ask my husband to teach me.
(c) I shall try to learn Kannad alphabet.

Question 3.
Anu’s first day at school was
(a) joyful.
(b) uninteresting.
(c) excellent.
(d) monotonous.
(d) monotonous.

Question 4.
Rakesh lived in
(a) Mussoorie
(b) the outskirts of bazar. Mussorrie.
(c) the forest.
(d) the village.
(b) the outskirts of Mussoorioe.

Question 5.
What would you do if you saw a small boy waiting to cross the road
(a) help him cross safely
(b) not bother about him
(c) wait and watch
(a) help him cross safely.

B. Answer the following questions :

Question 1.
How was grandmother a wonderful student?
The amount of homework she did was amazing. She would read, repeat and recite. Very soon she learnt to read the Kannada alphabet.

Question 2.
What did Anu do when she saw Kala drowning?
Anu at once jumped into the pool when she saw Kala drowning.

Question 3.
Write at least five qualities of children.

  1. Children are full of spirit and will power.
  2. They have sound mind and sound body.
  3. They are fit to cope with any situation.
  4. They never want to sit idle.
  5. They always do work.

Question 4.
Why did the king refuse to surrender the dove?
The king refused to surrender the dove because he thought that his foremost duty was to protect the innocent bird.

Question 5.
Why did the tear drop from the eye of the King?
A tear dropped from the left eye of the king for the weak and the unprotected dose. The king was upset to think that his flesh was not sufficient to protect the dove.

Question 6.
What did Rakesh do with the cherry seed?
Rakesh planted the seed

Question 7.
Why did Rakesh Like the tree so much?
Rakesh lived on the outskirts of Mussoorie.

Question 8.
What do people do in a Board meeting?
In a Board meeting people only talk. They don’t listen anything.

Question 9.
Why did Anu take admission in a public school?
Anu took admission in a public school because her father was transferred to the city.

Question 10.
What help did grandmother need from her grand daughter?
Grandmother told her granddaughter to teach her the Kannada alphabets.

Let’s Learn

A. Punctuate the following sentences :
Anil felt weak and lazy and not at all for a flight for a fight his body was still and sore after the pervious day’s encounter but he couldn’t refuse the challenge.
Anil felt weak and lazy and not at all eager for a fight. His body was still and sore after the previous day’s encounter but he couldn’t rfuse the challange.

B. Change into negative sentences :

  1. He broke the slate.
  2. Were people able to hear the news?
  3. The policeman caught the thief.
  4. My mother bought toys for me.
  5. I went to market yesterday.
  6. Do you do exercise daily?


  1. He didn’t break the slate.
  2. Were people not able to hear the news?
  3. The Policeman didn’t catch the thief.
  4. My mother didn’t buy toys for me.
  5. I didn’t go to market yesterday.
  6. Do you not do exercise daily?

C. Change into Interrogative sentences :

  1. We should not drink impure water.
  2. Hari is fond of music.
  3. He jumped into the river.
  4. The teacher was teaching English.
  5. They do not play hockey.
  6. She has finished her work.


  1. Should We not drink impure water?
  2. Is Hari fond of music?
  3. Did he jump into the river?
  4. Was the teacher teaching English?
  5. Do they not play hockey?
  6. Has she finished her work?

D. Use the verbs given below as gerunds in the following sentences :
(waste, ride, draw, come, hide, tell, do, watch)

  1. ………….. a lie is not a good habit.
  2. Rohan’s hobby is ………….. pictures.
  3. ………….. water may create crises.
  4. My friend loves ………….. cricket.
  5. ………….. one’s weakness from one’s elders in not a good thing.
  6. He is fond of …………..
  7. They were punished for ………….. late.
  8. Would you mind ………….. earlier next time?


  1. telling
  2. drawing
  3. wasting
  4. watching
  5. Hiding
  6. riding
  7. coming
  8. doing.

Let’s read

A. Read the passage carefully :

The son said, “Father, I just told you it’s a crow.” After a little while, the old father again asked his son, “What is that bird?”

The son Said with irritation, “It’s crow, a crow.”

A littlie after, the father again asked his som, “What is it?” This time the, som almost shouted at his father, “Why are you asking this silly questions again and again? Although I have told you three times that, ‘It is a crow, Cant you understand this?”

His father smiled but didn;t tell him anything more and after a while he went inside his room. He came back with an old tattered diary. He used to write a diary since his son was born. He opened a page and asked his son to read that page.

His son read in the diary, his father had written : Today my little som aged three was sitting with me in the garden. Suddenly he saw a cuckoo. It was sitting on a mango tree. My som asked me 31 times what it was. I replied and replied to him all the times that it was a cuckoo. I hugged him with great affection whenever he asked the same ques-tions. His son hung his head in shame.

So. If your parents attin old age, do not rebuff them. Don’t look upon them as a burden. Always speak to them gently, be obedient, humble and kind to them. Be considerate to your parents. Remember you are also going to be a parent some day in future.

Now answer the following questions:

Question a.
What did father ask his son?
Father asked his son, “What is that bird?”

Question b.
What was the answer of the son?
The son answered, “It’s crow, a crow.”

Question c.
How many times did the son ask questions to his father?
The son asked questions to his father 31 times.

Question d.
What did his father do every time his son ask him a question?
Her father hugged him whenever he asked the same question.

Question e.
What is the moral of the story?
we should not rebuff our old parents.

Question f.
Write the past form of the verbs given below with the help of the passage.
tell told reply eplied
hang hung hug hugged
say said ask asked

Question g.
The son said “Why are you asking this silly question?” ‘silly means’
(i) difficult
(ii) easy
(iii) foolish
(iv) useless.
(iii) foolish

B. Read the following poem carefully:

Hundreds of stars
in the pretty sky.
Hundreds of shells
on the shore together,
Hundreds of birds
that go singing buy,
Hundreds of lambs
in the sunny weather.
Hundreds of dewdrops
to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees
in the purple clover
Hundreds of butterflies
on the lawn
But only one mother
the wide world over.

Now answer the following questions :

Question 1.
Write the words that rhyme in this poem, for example sky-by.
Together – ‘weather dawn – lawn clover – over

Question 2.
Tell as many words as you can that begin with – s, d, b, w, p.
s – sun, send,
d – donkey, doll
b – bird, bowl
w – watch, web
p – parrot, pot

Question 3.
List the things that present the picture of the beautiful nature.
stars, shells, shore, birds, lamb, bees, butterflies, lawn, etc.

Question 4.
The poet says ‘Hundreds of star in the pretty sky. The words pretty is describ-ing ‘sky’. Can you find out some more phrases like this from the poem?
Hundreds of birds, sunny weather, purple cloves, wide world.

Question 5.
Write the summary of the poem.
It is a poem that describes the amazing beauty of nature. There are hundreds of stars in the sky, shells on the shore, singing birds, lambs, dew drops, bees, butterflies and many more to immortalize nature, who nourish them all.

Let’s Write

A. Write the central idea of the poem ‘English is Amazing in your own words.

Write a summary of the poem ‘Children Who are Wanted every Hour.’
Summarize the poem ‘The Jet Age’ in your own words.
B. Write a dialogue between two friends, sitting in the school garden, discussing their preparation for the half-yearly examination.
See ‘Summary in English’ of the given poems in lessons-8, 11 and 14 respectively.

C. Write your diary; write what your did yesterday.

D. Write a paragraph in about 100 words describing the importance of trees in your life.

The main aim is to share the knowledge and help the students of Class 8th to secure the best score in their final exams. Use the concepts of MP Board Class 8th English Revision Exercises 2 Questions and Answers in Real time to enhance your skills. If you have any doubts you can post your comments in the comment section, We will clarify your doubts as soon as possible without any delay.