MP Board Class 8th Special English Grammar Modals

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MP Board Class 8th Special English Grammar Modals

Modals are used along with main verbs. They are never used alone. They express the ‘manner’ of actions denoted by the verbs. They do not change their form according to the number or person of the subject.

Illustrative Examples

1. I used to run a mile every morning. (Past habit)
2. You shall carry out my order. (Command)
3. You shall be fixed for your misbehavior. (Threat)
4. You shall get a heavy gift. (Promise)
5. Shall I carry your luggage? (Wish)
6. I will carry that parcel for you. (Offer)
7. I will go home to see my parents. (Intention)
8. I will teach him a lesson. (Threat, Desire)
9. She will do or die. (Resolution)
10. I will not take eggs. (Determination)
11. Will you have a cup of tea? (Request, Invitation)
12. We should obey our olders. (Duty)
13. You should work hard. (Advice)
14. Take a taxi lest you should miss the train. (Purpose)
15. Should she work hard, she will pass. (Certainty)
16. Should she work hard, she may pass. (Probability)
17. She should be at home by now. (Assumption)
18. He would go for a walk on the river-bank. (Habitual activity in the past)
19. Would you take a cup of coffee? (Polite request)
20. Would that I were a minister. (Wish)
21. He would rather die than beg. (Preference)
22. If I won a lottery prize, I would buy a car. (Improbable/Unreal condition)
23. You cannot touch my bag. (Permission)
24. I can write a book. (Ability)
25. Mishaps can take place with anyone. (Possibility)
26. I could play in the sun when I was a child. (Ability)
27. If I had the money, I could buy that scooter. (Possibility)
28. You could go home whenever you wanted. (Permission)
29. Could you lend me some money? (Polite request)
30. May I use your pen? (Permission)
31. She may come tomorrow. (Possibility)
32. May she live long! (Wish)
33. We eat that we may live. (Purpose)
34. The teacher said that he might go home. (Permission)
35. She said that she might join a college next year. (Possibility)
36. He told me that she might have returned home. (Speculation about Past Action)
37. A servant must obey his master. (Compulsion)
38. Everyone must die sooner or later. (Certainty)
39. You must practice virtue. (Duty)
40. I must see you again. (Determination)
41. We must obey the rules of the school (Obligation)
42. We ought to help the poor. (Moral obligation or sense of duty)
43. He ought to pass this year. (Strong probability)
44. Need I go there? (Obligation or Necessity)


Fill in the following blanks using suitable modals:

1. Children …………….. be spoiled easily.
2. He …………….. not help weeping on hearing about his failure.
3. It …………….. rain tonight.
4. …………….. I have your scooter?
5. She said that she …………….. not see the Taj.
6. The government …………….. open more schools.
7. …………….. you give me a chance I shall prove my worth.
8. She …………….. consult a doctor at once.
9. A soldier is …………….. severe climate.
10. You …………….. not worry at all.
11 a young girl go alone in the dark?
12. How …………….. you touch her hand?
13. Work hard lest you …………….. lose your division.
14. You …………….. learn typing to get a job.
15. I …………….. not face my rival.

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