MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions Chapter 3 Struggle Against the British Rule

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions Chapter 3 Struggle Against the British Rule

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 3 Text Book Exercise

chose the correct option of the following

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Solution Chapter 3 Question 1.
Which uas nottriba1 uprising
(a) Vellore uprising
(h) Bull uprising
(c) Santhal upring
(d) Mundda uprising
(a) Vellore uprising

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Chapter 3 Question 2.
Who did not join 1857 struggle
(a) Rani Laxmi BaI
(b) Tatya Tope
(c) Bahadur Sháh Zafar
(d) Dileep Singh
(d) Dileep Singh

Struggle Against The British Rule Class 8 Question 3.
Which of the British policy Thred Bhil? to revolt?
(a) industrial policy
(b) Agriculture policy
(c) religious policy
(d) State’s inter ference
(b) Agriculture policy

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 3 Very Short Answer Type Questions

Class 8 Social Science Chapter 3 Mp Board Question 1.
Which book mentions about San yasi struggle?
Bankim Chandra Çhatarjee mentioned about Sanyasi uprising in his book. “Anand Math”

Describe The Santhal Uprising Class 8 Question 2
Who Iedthe SanUil uprising”
The Sauthal uprising was led by leaders Sido and Kanhu.

Class 8th Social Science Chapter 3 Question 3.
Who was the leader of Wahabi upring?
Sayyed Ahmed of Raibareily led the Wahabi streiggie.

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 3 Short Answer Type Questions

Chapter 3 Social Science Class 8 Question 1.
When and where Khol uprising took place?
The kohl led Budho Bhagat Bharat lanched revolit in 1831 in singhbham ranchi palamu hajari bagh manbhumi and other pleces the kohls protested against their landas given to muslim and sikh peasants.

Mp Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 3 Questions 2.
Name the places of India where 1857 struggle was ‘widespread?
The places where the 1857 struggle was wide spread were Delhi. Awadh. Rohilkhand. Bundelkhand Allbhahad, Agra Meerut. Kanpur and jhansi.

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 3 Long Answer Type Questions

Social Science Class 8 Chapter 3 Question 1.
Describe the Santh:il uprising?’
The Snthal revolt was led by Santhal leaders and sido and Kanhu in 1856. It was one of the most power ful uprisings. ‘The opposed the maltreatment up-rings they opposed the maltrrement of lands revenu offioal in daman -e- koh area this area lies between Bhagalpur and Rajmahahal the santhals declared end of the company rule in their region and revolt and were later suppressed by Britisher’s.

Class 8 Social Science Chapter 3 Question 2.
What were the causes of resentment among sepoys
The causes of discontent among the Indian soldiers of the British army were as under:

  • the salaries of Indian soldiers were very low and were practically for hem the higher posts in the army were reserved for European officers only .
  • there was great disparity between the salaries of Indian and European soldiers.
  • the Indian splicer felt the injustices which the old Royal families in Indian had been suffering the increased misery which the conman people had to suffer affected the soldiers directly as they were part and parce of the Indian society
  • the cartridges of the newly introduced rifle were greased with cows and pigs fat their covers had to be cut with teeth before loading the rifle. the use of these greased cartage offended the religions sentiments of both the Hindu and the Muslim soldiers it became the immediate cause of the Revolt.

Question 3.
What were the major cuses of the failure of 1857 struggle
There were many causes that led to the failure of the revolt of 1857:

  • Not Planned –  The revolt of 1857 was not well planned. it sparked off abruptly
  •  No Single or Common Object – The leaders of revolt in varies part of the country had different and limited Sanous parts of the objectives before them
  • No Common Leadership – There was no common leader for the whole upping each region had its own leader.
  • No Coordination – The uprising suffered from lack of coordination. There was no coordination among the rebel in various religions of the country
  • Localized – It was Wotan all-India revolt It was localized in certain areas. it dd not start in South and Punjab
  • Led by some experiences and Landlords – it was led by some experiences and landlord who were deprived of territories.
  • Not People’ Revolt – it was not people revolt it was only at one two pleases where conman people participated
  • New Emerging middle class did not participated
  • some Indian rulers are sided with the British: some Indian rulers kept away while some rulers sided with the English
  • lack of resource – the rebel did not have enough financial resources and weapons of war.

Question 4.
Write notes on:
1. sanyasis upring
2. Whabi upring
1. sanyasis upring:
this upring was important among other civil up-rings. the apathy of British government after 1770 famine in Bengal economic loot and ban on religious they attacked fractious colonies and forts of the company governor General Warren Hastings could brought the revolt under control.

2. Whabi upspring :
sayyed Ahmed of Railbareilly led the Wahhabi And changes in Islam sayyed Ahwed launned revolt against sikh rule in Punjab and when company took control over Punjab in 1849 Wahhabi raised rebellion against British rule got most powerful challenge from Wahhabi struggle.

Question 5.
make an album with the help of leaders who participated in 1857 struggle.

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Solution Chapter 3
Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Chapter 3
Question 6.
South major regions of 1857 struggle in the out line map of India.
Struggle Against The British Rule Class 8

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions