MP Board Class 11th General English Report Writing

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MP Board Class 11th General English Report Writing

Example 1.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up .on the Farewell to the English teacher in 40-50 words.
(i) The teacher and his services,
(ii) His personality,
(iii) Function decision,
(iv) The meeting,
(v) Honour of the teacher,
(vi) Speeches delivered,
(vii) Teacher’s speech. [2014]

Farewell To The English Teacher

Our English teacher Mr. R. S. Negi retired last month. He served for a long period. His distinguished services were for more than forty years. He was a perfect gentleman with an imposing personality. The school decided to hold a farewell function in his honour. It was held on 20th of October in him a long, healthy and peaceful life. Other speakers too showered praises on such a great and sincere teacher. He was given several gifts. Mr. Negi made his speech, blessed the students and wished for their bright future. In he end tea and refreshment were served.

Example 2.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up on an N. C. C. a scout camp in about 70-80 words :
(i) Location of camp,
(ii) The N. C. C. Officer Scout master,
(iii) 300 Cadets,
(iv) Opeaning of ground,
(v) Activities of Cadets,
(vi) Enjoyed the camp.

N.C.C scout Camp [2008]

N. C. C./Scout camp was organised on the grounds of M. S. H. S. School, Indore from 26th Dec. to 29th Dec. Our N. C. C. oflficer Scout master Mr. Raviranjan Mehta was our leader. We went to Indore by train. Our berths were reserved by our Principal. We reached the M. S. H. S. School ground on 25th Dec. at about 10 p.m. There were camps for all of us. Nearly about 300 cadets from several schools attended it. In the morning, after warming up we were given the task of cleaning the ground. We did it with pleasure. Several activities were arranged for the cadets, these included races, hurdle races, jumping etc. A cultural programme was also organised. We were given nice meal. We made several friends. I enjoyed the camp very much.

Example 3.
With the help of the words given below, prepare a write-up on the topic given in 40-50 words :
“An Election Scene”.
(a) Age limit,
(b) Propaganda of elections,
(c) Canvassing by candidates,
(d) Promises made,
(e) Voting,
(f) Polling over. [2015]

An Election Scene

People rule today through votes. We elect representatives to Panchayats, Corporations, Assemblies and Parliament. At present, the age limit of voters is 18 years. Very recently we saw elections in five states that were under President’s rule. Candidates in the fray were in large number. The propaganda of election was stopped twenty-four hours before the polling date. Candidates went from door to door to contact their voters. Even money was given by some contestants to some voters. All sorts of promises were made. At last, the day of voting came. But voters had no zeal. They were led to polling booths by party workers. When the election was over they waited for the result.

Example 4.
With the help of the words given, produce a write up (report) on a Looted Tourist Bus in 40-50 words.
(i) Details of bus, date and time,
(ii) The place of incident,
(iii) Details of looting,
(iv) Complaint to the police.

Tourist Bus Looted

A dare devil act of loot was reported by the passengers of an ill-fated deluxe tourist bus which was going from Pune to Indore in the night of 16th April. It passed Shirdi around 11.20 p.m. When the bus reached near Malegaon the driver noticed road blocks and indicators of diversion. He Applied brakes. Just then some miscreants appeared from the cover of darkness. Two of them engaged the driver in conversation while the two managed to enter the bus. They threatened to shoot the conductor and a passenger, they compelled the driver to take the approach road. The bus reached a wilderness. All the miscreants became active. They surrounded the passengers and forced ladies to part»>vith their jewelry and compelled men to surrender cash and costly items. A case has been registered for robbery but still no offender could be arrested.

Example 5.

With the help of these words produce a write-up :
(i) Place of accident,
(ii) People who died – 50 and injured – 127,
(iii) Causes of accident,
(iv) Help from NGO’s and other local people. [2013]

Bus Collides With A Train
(By our own correspondent)

A bus going from Indore to Bhopal collided with a train coming from Bhopal near Dewas on Thursday. Eyewitnesses say that the bus was overloaded. A railway crossing had no barrier and so the bus was crossing it. Suddenly the train came and the driver lost control over the bus due to anxiety resulting in to a collision. The collision was so terrible that the engine got off the track and a general compartment bogie next to the engine was damaged. As soon as the accident took place, the local people came running for help and put their efforts in taking the affected people for treatment. The accident took the lives of 50 people and around 127 are reported to be injured. Many NGO’s have come forward to provide help to the affected persons.

Example 6.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up on a match between India and New Zealand in 40-50 words:
(i) Venue of the match,
(ii) Weather,
(iii) The toss,
(iv) The winning team,
(v) Man of the match,
(vi) Reaction of the spectators. [2009]

An Amazing Match

India scored a convincing victory over New Zealand in the third One Day International Cricket Match held at New Delhi today. Ganguli won the toss and decided to bat first. The opening pair put up 150 runs in thirty overs. Then came the debacle. Four wickets collapsed in four overs for seven runs. The whole team bundled out for 247 runs. Now it was the turn of the Kiwis. They thrashed Indian fast bowlers all around the wicket and scored at will. The spin of Kumble proved the turning point. He got 6 wickets for 26 runs in ten overs. He was declared the Man of the Match. India won by 29 runs.

Example 7.
With the help of the words given below, produce a report on the “Polio Camp” :
(i) The date and time,
(ii) Venue and queue of parents,
(iii) How many children involved,
(iv) The scene of the camp. (2010)

The Polio Camp

It was a polio Sunday. On this day children whose age is 5 years were given two drops of life i.e., polio drops. It prevents occurring of polio disease at later age. Polio makes a person disabled for the whole life. I saw a polio camp on a Sunday (8th Aug 20…) at a primary school. People brought their children (1-5 years) for polio drops. There was a long queue but they were patient for their turn. About 80-85 children were there. The attendants were from the Health Department. They performed their duties cheerfully.

Example 8.
With the help of the following input write an article on corruption in India:

Corruption is spreading like cancer from top to bottom-politicians and officials-corruption everywhere-priorities have changed-simple living and high thinking no more the ideals-even the Prime Minister and Ministers are not free from suspicion-effective steps to curb parallel black money and corruption. [2013, 16]
Corruption has become a way of life in India. It has entrenched itself deeply in the social, political, economic and religious life of the nation. To be true, right from the Prime Minister down to the ordinary clerk in the office, no one is free from the suspicion of being a corrupt person. The criminalization of social and political life has only sanctified Corruption in every walk of life. It seems corruption filters down from top to bottom. In India, a parallel economy of black money works controlled and regulated by the dons of the underworld.

Simple living and high thinking used to be the ideals of our leaders during the struggle for independence. But now the priorities have changed.

These days scams and scandals- dominate their political and social life. The God of wealth has corrupted their minds and morals. Top posts and jobs can be bought. The members of State Legislatures and the Parliament are vulnerable to corrupt practices and bribery. The need of the hour is an inspiring leadership equipped with a firm political will to fight and root out the growing cancer of corruption.

Example 9.
With the help of the words given below, prepare a write up on the topic given (in 40-50 words) ‘Essay Competition’.
(i) Topic,
(ii) Time and date,
(iii) Time given,
(iv) Judgment,
(v) The prize winners,
(vi) Distribution of prizes. [2008, 14]

Essay Competition

[Context-I study in class XI in Tagore Memorial School, Seoni Malwa, 125/88 Hoshangabad]. On 5th September every year we celebrate ‘TEACHERS DAY’. This is an important day. This year it became more significant as our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi himself honored the teachers and spoke about them in a reverent manner. He said, ‘A teacher never retires’. On 5th September he met students through network and answered their questions.

Our student leaders, and the Principal decided to organise an Essay Competition on ‘Importance of Teachers in Society.’ It was organised on 6th September in the school. The time was from 10 am. to 11:30 am. About 30 students participated. The M.P. of our area donated the prizes.’ The prizes were ₹ 1001, ₹ 501, ₹ 251 for First, Second and Third winners. 5 consolation prizes were of? 101. The judge were one Professor, one retired Lecturer and one frpm management committee. At about 2 pm. the results were declared and prizes were given. Mr. S.M. Gupta a judge gave away the prizes. Ramesh Mehta, Class XII was the 1st winner, Om Prakash Jain, Class X was second and Vidhya Makwana Class XI was the third. The Principal thanked the guests and judges.

Example 10.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write upon ‘Grow More Trees’,
(a) Food to eat,
(b) Houses fbr shelter,
(c) Support life,
(d) Cause rain,
(e) Medicinal plants. [2016]

Grow More Trees

Trees are very important to us. They are just like a friend to a man. They are the gifts of nature to man. They give us fruits to eat and firewood to bum. They also support the life of living things. They give us oxygen. We make furniture and houses by providing us timber. Trees cause rainfall. Now-a-days due to various reason many trees are being cut. It causes ecological imbalance. Global warming increases. There is a need to plant new trees. Tree plantation should be made a compulsory drive throughout the nation and every citizen should actively participate in it and do tree plantation. Trees also supply many medicines. Neem tree has great medicinal value.

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