MP Board Class 12th Special English Important Questions Chapter 14 Albert Einstein at School

MP Board Class 12th Special English Important Questions Chapter 14 Albert Einstein at School

I. Answer the following questions in about 50 – 60 words each:

Question 1.
While going through the conversation between Albert and his history teacher, what sort of person does Einstein appear to you?
While going through the conversation between Einstein and the history teacher we realize that Einstein was a man of practical ideas. His insistence on not uarning the dates of history does not mean that he is not interested in them. It rather tells that he was more interested in its causative sense.

Education was not all about cramming for him. His view though expressed long back are still relevant but yet to be understood and implemented by self proclaimed architects and Gods of modern education.

Question 2.
How does a tight administrative system usually check students from exploring new horizons?
It is quite true that the school often curbs individual talents. Most of the time it is unproductive and outdated. Education must bring out the best from within. Education received within the confinement may not be the real education. It has been seen that schools interfere with the free growth and development of children. They don’t provide conducive atmosphere for their proper growth.

Too many restrictions and formalities stunt the natural growth in students. Too much of discipline is always unproductive and chokes the talent. It makes them timid, rather then encouraging than to explore new horizons.

Question 3.
What is Einstein’s theory of education?
According to Einstein education is not confined to mere information gathering. In his view information gathering has its limitations. It can be easily gathered from any good book on history. Einstein thinks that learning of days, dates and figures have no meaning or importance.

What is important are the ideas. Ideas are the basis of education. So, insight formation must be the aim of education. Schools shouldn’t overburden students with the heaps of data collection.

The real growth and development of the mind is more important than mere informa¬tion gathering. Depth comes from the basics and not from facts and figures. Ideas are the essence of real education. Without the basics and ideas, education will be reduced to mere dead formalities and information gathering.

Question 4.
Why did Einstein think that he could never pass the exam for school diploma? (M.P. 2010)
Einstein believed that he would never pass the exams for the school diploma. He thought so because he was in no way similar to the other students. He never lived to learn lessons. School was hateful place for him. He was going to school not for his own sake but for the sake of his father’s wishes.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Important Questions Chapter 14 Albert Einstein at School

Question 5.
Why was Albert adamant on meeting a doctor?
Albert never liked school. It was only due to his father that he attended the school. But finally he decided to leave it. As there was no way, he decided to get a medical certificate from a doctor which would help him prove that he was sick. For this, he asked his friend Yuri to fix an appointment with a doctor who was known to Yuri. He was ready to face any situation for this.

Question 6.
“There is nothing to wonder about, Einstein. I knew you were going to leave before you knew yourself.” What did Mr. Koch actually mean?
Mr. Koch was the mathematics teacher in the school where Einstein studied when finally Einstein decided to leave the school he managed a certificate from a doctor about his nervous breakdown. But the head teacher was not convinced. He asked Einstein to get a certificate from any teacher of his school who could certify that he was not capable of teaching Einstein anymore.

First he tried Mr. Koch, the mathematics teacher. Mr. Koch was a very helpful man and really recognized the latent talent of Einstein. So he didn’t hesitate. He saw what possibilities were hidden in him. He knew that school can’t fulfil what Einstein needed. He made a remark. “There’s nothing to warder about Einstein. I knew you were going to leave before you knew yourself.”

Question 7.
Give a brief character sketch of Einstein. (M.P. 2010, 11, Imp.)
Einstein was a peculiar child right from the beginning of his career. His views were different but rational. It was a fact that he had no interest in learning the facts. Einstein never liked school because in his view it was not a proper place for learning.

A strict rule is observed there and no chance is given to make a child’s latent talent flourish. He loved music and reading books on science. But he had no interest in the books prescribed in the syllabus. He had his own views about education. But in no way he was disrespectful to the teachers. After all he was a genius.

Question 8.
Where did Albert find a room to reside? (M.P. 2015)
Albert’s financial condition was not very good. His father had little money to spare. So Albert found a room to reside in one of the poorest quarters of Munich. He stayed with lack of comfort, bad food, dirt and squalor, he hated the atmosphere of slum violence.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Important Questions

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