MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

Students get through the MP Board Class 12th English Important Questions Special English Essay Writing Important Questions which are most likely to be asked in the exam.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

1. The Missile Man of India (M.P. 2016, 18)

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was a Missile Man of India. It is popularly known as the peoples President of India. His full name was Abdul Pakie Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He was a great scientist and 11th President of India.

He was bom on 15th of October in 1931 at Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. He was bom in a poor Tamil Muslim family. His father’s name was Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam and mother’s name was Ashlamma.

He never got married to anyone. He was a great man. He was really a true legend for the youngsters of the country. He was inspired the new generation of the country through his whole life, career, workings and writings. He still lives in the heart of India people as the people president and Missile Man. He was a scientist and an aerospace engineer who closely linked to the Indian missile programme. He later served the country as 11th president of India from 2002 to 2007.

After completing his team of Presidency, he returned to the civilian life of writing, education and public service. He worked at various chief position of ISRO and DRDO then became a Principal Scientific Advisor to the government of India as a cabinet minister. He has been honoured with the honorary doctorates by at least 30 universities as well as three highest civilian award of the country.

He was a great personality and inspiration to the youngsters of country who took his last breath at IIM Meghalaya on 27th of July in 2015 because of the sudden cardiac attack. He is not present among us physically however his great works and contributions would be with us forever. He has mentioned his dream of making India a developed country in his book India 2020 – A vision for the New Millenium.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

2. India of My Dreams (M.P. 2012)

The twenty-first century is round the comer. We must try to redesign India so that it can become the India of our dreams. It has to be radically different from what it is.

India of twenty first century must be conscious of her national identity. Today we have millions of Bengalis, Marathis, Tamilians etc. but very few Indians. Communal loyalties are the order of the day.

These loyalties are leading us towards national disintegration. The greatest enemy of India today is not Pakistan but Indians themselves. This tendency towards national disintegration has not only to be checked but the trends reversed.

We should celebrate 15th August as not as the day of independence but also a day of dependence the dependence of Indian communities on one another. For a strong and resurgent India it is necessary that we must not only be impregnable from out but also invulnerable from inside. There is no substitute of national cohesion.

For a powerful and resurgent India education is another vital necessary need. Even 36 years after the commencement of constitution, 66% of our people are literally illiterate, making meaningful democracy impossible.

The allocation in central budget under the head of education is coming down every years. Without education only catastrophe would result so must provide more and more resources for education so that human excellence could be developed and we could enter the twenty first century with the boast that no man in India has been deprived of education that everyone given due opportunity to excel.

Another bottleneck in the way of new and resurgent India is the curse of population. Every half an hour our population is increasing by a thousand months.

More children does not mean more workers but more people without work. Population control is one of the first imperatives of development. The choice before us is either the control of population or have poverty forever with us.

The hopes of our people would die in their hungry houses unless population control is given the top priority. Without population control we would enter the twenty first century as people visited by all sorts of problems.

Since independence India has taken pride in calling itself a socialist state. But what has this socialism brought us? The rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer.

So we should aim building India not a socialist state but an egalitarian state. Egalitarianism means the investment of human resources in an imaginatively planned manner which can contribute towards the progress of the whole nation which raise the standards of living of the masses and which can enrich the human life.

In order to present day socialism the government has respected the letter of socialism state control and state ownership while the spirit of social justice has not been allowed to come to life and prosper.

It is a well known fact that progress takes place that fastest under conditions of economic freedom. Take the example of Germany and Japan. They have reached the apex of projection because of free economic activity. So we must all aim towards egalitarianism. We must go by socialism and embrace egalitarianism and move into the twenty first century as a really developed nation.

Everyone wants India of the twenty first century to be developed and strong. So let us join our hands and devote ourselves to service of society to which we belong. We must leave parochial tendencies and do our best to make India a true picture of peace, prosperity and happiness. In such a manner we can have our dreams come true.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

3. Importance of English Teaching in India
(M.P. 1998, 2004 P; Imp., 18)

Free India wants to grow into a powerful nation. She is trying to progress in all spheres. The economic, social and political life of the people is to be changed.

To fulfil this, people must have up-to-date knowledge of the different branches of science. Without expert technicians, mechanics and engineers much progress is not possible. English is the storehouse of scientific knowledge. Hence, its study is of great importance for a developing countiy in India.

India’s foreign policy is the focus of attention of all the countries of the world. India wants to be friendly with all countries. She has to explain and convince others that her point of view is correct.

This cannot be done without an effective medium for the exchange of ideas. English provides us with such a medium. This is the language which enjoys the status of an international language.

In the U.N.O. discussion are carried on this language. In fact, majority of the countries of the world conduct their business in this tongue. If India wants to play her role in international matters effectively, her people must study it.

India is a country in which people living in different parts have their own language. It is not possible for everyone to know ten or fourteen languages. Regional languages are quite different from one another. The leaders and administrators of the country cannot remain in contact with all these regions without a common language. We do not have any common language except English. English is the language best suited for maintaining internal unity. If we want to crush the provincial communal and separatist tendencies of our people, we must continue to study it.

In this modem age is called age of science. There is terrific advancement scientific and technological progress in other countries. If we want to keep pace with fast moving countries, scientific and technological researches must be made in our country. We can advance only through a knowledge of these subjects which are all written in English. So, there is great importance of English teaching in India.

For proper mental development it is essential that we study the best literature. Now, the literatures of other countries and of our own different languages can be easily obtained, English literature is also very rich literature. Moreover, many young men go to foreign countries for advanced studies. They need good knowledge of English.

Its importance for I such scholars is indeed very great. This truth is being recognized now, even by those who I had indulged in anti-English agitation only a few years ago.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

4. Science in the Service of Man

Or, Science : A Good Servant but a Bad Master
Or, The Wonders of Science
Or, Science and Civilization
Or, Science and Human Happiness or Blessing of Science (M.P. 1998, 2001R, 03, 04 P, 06, 07, 09, 11, 14, 16, 18)

Science has changed man’s life from stone age to modem age which is also called age of science. During stone age we find that man was helpless in the cradle of nature.
Little by little man progressed in science with new discoveries and inventions. Scientific discoveries and inventions have changed the face of this planet.
Life today has become very comfortable, and easy. It is science that produced and developed human civilization. Science and human civilization run parallel. Our forefathers lived a primitive life, and we are now living in the atomic age.

Science has provided comforts to us in almost every walk of life. With the aid of modern cooking devices meals can be prepared very quickly and easily. Food can also be preserved for a long time. Clothes can be washed in washing machines. Science has given us fans, coolers and air-conditioners to give relief against heat and cold.

In the field of transport and communication, there is tremendous change. Within a second we are getting news from any comer of the earth and also can send the same.

We can 1 also travel anywhere even in desert and cold lands of Tundra region, various means of transports are buses, trains, ships and aeroplanes. We can send or get message through telephone, television, radio, etc., which are all gift of science.
We are coming in contact with the various people of the world. So, the structure of civilization is totally changed.

Electricity is another advance of science. It can change night into day, the machine to move which run our factories and industries. It has become the part and parcel of our life and civilization.

Science has also helped mankind in fighting against dangerous diseases. It has less-ened the sufferings of human beings. Many diseases which were considered incurable in the past are now no problem. Now even the operations of heart and mind have become easy. Science has made human life safer and longer. It has increased life-span of man.

Science has also increased agricultural production. Now we have better seeds, better fertilizers, better implements and better farm techniques.

But this is one side of the picture only. Science has produced many deadly weapons I which can kill millions of people. So, it can do good as well as ill. It is up to man how to use it. The terror of war is always hanging upon our heads. The survival of humanity is facing a horrible peril. The.future of our civilization is uncertain if the atomic weapons spark the third world war.

If science has made civilization strong on one hand, it has made it weak on the other. If the gift of science are not properly used, time is not far when we shall see the end of human civilization.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

5. Energy Crisis (M.P. 2016)

Energy is the most important requirement of economic development and social trans-formation for all the countries. An energy crisis is any significant in the supply of energy resources to an economy. The energy crisis is a growing problem for everyone in the world. It is a broad and complex topic.

Energy crisis can be brought about by a number of factors. It is the concern that the world demands on the limited natural resources that are used to power industrial society are diminishing as the demand rises. These natural resources are in limited supply. While they do occur naturally. It can take hundreds of thousand of years to replenish the stores.

The energy crisis is something that is ongoing and getting worse, despite many efforts. These are many reasons for energy crisis overconsumption, overpopulation, poor infrastructure, unexposed Renewable energy options, delay in commissioning of power plants, wastage of energy, poor distributions system, major accidents and natural calamities, wars and attack.

The best possible solution is to reduce the world’s dependence on non-renewable resources. People should start using energy efficient products like traditional bulbs can be replaced with CFL’s and LED’s. There are a number of new technologies out there that make lighting controls that much more interesting and they help to save a lot of energy and cash in the long run. Energy stimulation software can be used by big corporates to redesign building unit and reduce running business unit.

The problem of energy crisis is at increasing graph. Each and every individual must realize in what manner he would be affected in that condition and must also understand the responsibility and role to play to solve this problem. Collective efforts can only help solve problem of Energy crisis.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

6. The Choice of Profession
Or, My Ambition Of Life (M.P, 2001R, 11,14, Imp.)

Every man is entitled to dream and my dream is to enjoy a peaceful life, this depends largely upon my choice of profession.
Many times I plan to become some important person in life, but then when I see their real state of life, their tensions and turmoil I change my outlook.

A well-planned life is like a ship that is guided to its shore without damage and an unplanned life is like a ship, that must crash into a rock, therefore aim in life is as essential in life as education is to mind or food to our body. For a successful life a well-selected career is important, infact career should never be thrust upon anyone, for it will ruin his/her life.

In some countries intelligence tests are conducted only with an aim to help students to blossom to their fullest extent.
Though in India choice of a right profession is a difficult job mainly due to poverty, unfavourable social conditions and to some extent politics, as a result many capable and intelligent young boys and girls not in clerical jobs or petty work.

My desire in life is to serve my motherland by giving my services as a teacher. I believe that a teacher does a very noble work by building the future of a nation through youngsters. A teacher can inspire his students to achieve highest goal in life. I am working very hard in this aspect and hope to achieve my set goal successfully. I pray to God to bless me with fulfilment in achieving my ambition in life.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

7. A Visit to Historical Place (M.P. 2004)
Or, Places of Tourist Interest in M. P. (M.P. 1999, 200IP, 14)

Tourism is a flourishing industry these days. It is an important means of earning valuable foreign exchange for every country. India, with her rich legacy, is a paradise for tourists on earth. People from America and’Europe visit our country in great numbers and try to see the beauty of the country. Madhya Pradesh lies in the heart of India is also a tourists attraction.

The most important tourist centre of the state is Khajuraho. This town is situated near Chhatarpur. There is a regular air service to this town. Although it is not connected with rail, yet it is connected with almost every tourist town of the state through bus service. The town is famous for its temples built by the Chandel Kings, nearby there is also a cluster of Jain temples.
Every tourist who visits Agra also visits Khajuraho.

Sanchi is another tourist paradise. It boasts of the famous stupas which tell us about Buddhist culture. It was a flourishing town in the past. In 1952, on the occasion of the 2500th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha a new stupa and temple were erected here. It is near Bhopal and is connected by direct train and bus services.

Bhopal, which is now the capital of the state boasts of some ancient monuments. The town was established in very ancient times by Raja Bhoj and hence, it is called Bhojpal or Bhopal. Here are heavy industries like Bharat Heavy’ Electricals. Indore is also a place of historical interest. Near Indore is Dhar which has the famous forts of Bag Bahadur and Rani Roopmati.

The town is a poem of stones. Gwalior is another famous centre of tourists attrac-tion. The old fort of Gwalior is worth seeing. Now the fort has famous Scindhia School. It is a historical monument. Jabalpur situated on the banks of the Narmada, is famous for its marble rocks. Another important historical place is Ujjain. It was once the seat of Lord Vikramaditya, who is considered to be the wisest king ever bom in India. The famous temple of Mahakal is also situated here. Today it is an important educational centre.

It is one of the oldest town of the state and is famous for its Kumbha Fair, which is held once every twelve years.

Among other places of tourist interest may be mentioned is Pachmari, the only hill station of the state.
Other towns of historical importance are Burhanpur, Vidisha, Rewa. Rewa is famous for its white tigers. Vidisha also boasts of some tourists attraction. Thus, we can say that Madhya Pradesh is a tourist paradise in India.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

8. The Life of Great Men

Or, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Or, A Man or Woman I Admire and Respect (M.P. 2000, 07, 13; Imp.)

The hundreds of freedom fighters who sacrificed their life to make India independent from the grip of British rale, Subhash Chandra Bose was one of them. His slogan, “Give me blood, I will give you freedom” inspired the people of India which shaken the foundation of the British rale.

The founder of Azad Hind Fauj, Babu Subhash Chandra Bose was bom on 23rd January, 1897 in the family of Janakinath Basu at Cuttack. His father was famous advocate and President of the Corporation, Government had given him the title of Rai Bahadur. But he returned the title in 1930 as a protest against the suppressive policy of British government.

When Subhash Chandra Bose was bom freedom movement had already spread throughout our country. His parents were patriots and religious minded. He inherited the qualities of respect to the elders and kindness to the youngers, charitability, eloquence, well-behaviour, etc., from his parents. He used to listen very minutely the historical stories from his mother.

Subhash had great love and respect for his motherland from his childhood. In 1913, he wrote a letter to his mother “India is the favourite place of God. India has placed the truth and religious thoughts in the hearts of the Indian people. Today our motherland is in the grip of foreigners and sinners. Give me blessing my dear mother so that I can do something for my country.”

Subhash Chandra Bose was meritorious from his boyhood. He stood second in the high school examination in the university. Here after he took the admission in Presidency College at Kolkata. He was influenced by Philosophical thoughts of Shri Arbindo Ghosh. After passing B.A. examination he prepared himself for the I.C.S. Examination according to the desire of his father.
After passing he turned out the service of British empire and jumped into the freedom movement. He was inspired by Lok Manya Tilak. He followed the footsteps of Tilak. He used to think the model jail as holy place because of his religious Guru.

In 16th July, 1921, Gandhiji started non-cooperation movement. At that time Subhash came to India and met Gandhiji at Mumbai. They discussed about non-cooperation movement. In some points they had difference of opinion. Subhash believed that British could be thrown out from India through violent movement and struggle. He was put to jail at that time for demonstrating against the Prince of Wales.

In 1922, he helped flood stricken people in Bengal. In 1928, Subhash, Nehru and Srinivas Ayanger founded league of Indian Independence. In the same year Subhash became General Secretary of Congress. Subhash day was celebrated throughout the country in May, 1936.

Being influenced by Savarkar he secretly took the path of violence for the freedom on India and went out of the country. At the inspiration of Savarkar on 25th June, 1944 from Singapore Radio he announced about the formation of Azad Hind Fauz.

His secret meeting with Hitler at Berlin made Churchill worried. Attempts were made secretly to assassinate Subhash by the British sepoys. In 1939, the soldiers of Azad Hind Fauz became ready for war to make India free. General Shah Nawaz Khan, Lieutenant Guru Baksh Singh, Captain Prem Kumar Sahegal were chief amongst the army.

The 25th October, 1923, would be the most remarkable day in the history of Indian independence. At 12-05 midnight the temporary government of Azad Hind Fauz declared war against Britain and America. In this occasion Netaji said that main objects of his army was to achieve freedom and reach the Red Fort.

After this declaration many other countries extended their recognition to Azad Hind Govt. In 1944 Azad Hind Fauz reached Arakan battlefield. After crossing Burma border on 18th March they reached India. But they were stopped three miles inside of Imphal. They could not enter Assam.

Due to this obstruction Subhash had to return to Singapore. On 22nd August, 1945 Tokyo Radio announced that while going to Japan on 18th August, 1945 Netaji expired.

Netaji said “Everything in this world is perishable but thoughts, ethics and dreams always remain immortal.” Today Netaji is not with us but his thoughts, ideas and his teachings are still guiding us. His countrymen will remember him forever.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

9. Problem of Pollution in India

Or, Pollution
Or, Tree and Human Life
Or, Environment Pollution
Or, Pollution : A Threat to Our Life (M.P. 1999, 2001P, 05, 06, 11, 13, 16; Imp., 18)

Science and industry have made human life easier, healthier and happier. But these have also brought about the problem of pollution. Today pollution has assumed so gigantic proportions that the very existence of human life is in threat. If pollution continues to increase unchecked that day is not far when life would become difficult. Even beautiful buildings like Taj Mahal are facing the danger of losing their lustre because of the pollution in river Yamuna.

Pollution may be in water and air. The pollution of water is mainly caused by the flow of industrial, hospital waste and city sewage into the river and lakes. Surface water is full of all sorts of impurities. The discharge of industrial and other wastes into rivers and lakes has made water poisonous. It is causing incalculable harm to life on earth, Jaundice has become a very common disease today.

The pollution of air is no less dangerous. It is mainly caused by petrol and diesel that are used for driving vehicles, railways and other machines. Air pollution is also caused by the indiscriminate felling of trees. Overpopulation is another cause of air pollution. Big cities are especially prone to air pollution.

The result of research, carried out in the United States of America, on air pollution are simply alarming. This research showed air pollution is imperceptibly causing changes in weather conditions and the earth is becoming cooler. The last ice age on the earth took place due to the fall in temperature by 4°C (Celsius). Who knows we are heading towards another ice age.

Another significant cause of pollution is nuclear fall out. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are burning examples of the danger of nuclear and atomic fall out. These cities are suffering from’the cause of the fall out. Although atomic bombs were thrown over these cities more than forty five years back.

Although Govt, of India has taken measures to check air as well as water pollution, pollution can be checked if dependence on mechanization is lessened. Humanity and civilization can survive only if the problem of pollution is tackled successfully. Hence, no time must be lost in fighting pollution.

Our Earth is the only inhabited planet. It is our duty to preserve it and its civilization.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

10. Students and Discipline or The Value of Discipline (M.P. 2004, 09)

The students play a vital role in every society. It has always been recognized as a great force. The students are the future generation. They are young and energetic. But in modem days we find that they have become an object of criticism. Teachers accuse them for want of respect. Parents are displeased with them because they do not do well in the examination and waste their time, money and energy in undesirable activities.

The modem students are aggressive, bold and daring. They go on strike and indulge in destructive acts.

Why are the students undisciplined? If we are able to answer this question, we can find the solution to this problem. The greatest cause of undiscipline among our students is our defective educational system.

Under the present education system no attention is given to moral education. No effort or care is taken for the formation of character of the students. Too much attention is given to textbooks. When they leave their studies, they find themselves unable to earn their living. They have not been taught any other practical knowledge of life, lack of vocational, professional and technical opportunities is an other cause of the discipline problem.

The population is increasing rapidly. The result is that the number of students in each class and section has increased beyond the desirable limit.

On account of overcrowding the teacher is unable to give personal attention to each student. The student, therefore, feel neglected which leads to frustrations. This frustrations ultimately breeds undisciplined among students.

In order to remedy indiscipline among students, we must bring drastic changes in our educational system and examination procedure. New education system should be introduced.

We must check overcrowding in the classes. Students must be imparted moral education. They must learn how to become noble human beings. If they are not taught well they likely to fail in discharging their duties towards their motherland.
The future of our countiy de¬pends largely on the students community.

11. Democracy in India (M.P. 2006,16; Imp.)

India is said to be the largest democracy in the world in terms of numbers. Democracy is the form of government in which people’s will is supreme.

Since in the present day for big countries, it is not possible for the entire population of a country to gather at one place and deliberate and control the affairs. Government is therefore, carried by the elected representatives of the people. Of all the political forms of governments, democracy is considered to be the best.

Democracy is therefore, the most cultured and civilized political institution.

Democracy is the temple in which there is only an idol to worship and that is the idol of the people. Democracy provides to its people, freedom of thought, speech and action.

Elections are held after a certain specified number of years. General elections have been held in India for several times. It shows that the foundations of democracy here are stable. In comparison, in most of the neighbouring countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh sudden overthrow of governments have been witnessed. Army rule has been imposed in those countries and people enjoy less freedom as we do in India.

It is not mere holding of elections that is important, but people in India have developed mature judgements. When they find that a particular political party failed to represent their feelings, people of India vote that party out.

In 1977, the Congress (I) was defeated at the polls. Within two and half years, when, the Indian people felt that the Janata Government was unable to deliver the good, they brought back Congress (I).

In the recent past, also many surprising political changes have been witnessed in the state elections. In Haryana and Punjab, the Congress (I) was defeated at the elections.

This is despite the fact that majority of the electorate is still not very highly educated. But by and large, people in India have developed mature judgement which is imperative for the success of democracy.

The Indian electorates have once again voted the Congress (I) out of power in the recent general elections.

It is matter of serious concern that many drawbacks have crept into our democratic structure. Majority of the political leaders in our country have become corrupt and selfseeking. At times, one finds that democracy in our country is no longer the government of the people, for the people and by the people. It is only a handful, self-seeking leaders who are ruling the country without any regard to the public welfare which should be the important aspect of any democracy.

Once elected, the ruling party forgets the voters and starts filling up their own coffers. This is certainly not healthy for the continuance of democracy. When we compare Indian democracy with that in England we wonder at our public morality. The politicians here feel reluctant to leave their seats of power once voted by the people. For the success of democracy in our country, what we require is clean public life of the politicians. The recent scandals about the Sugar, Hawala, Urea and Fodder have given a rude shock to the democratic set up in India.

If the people of our country are vigilant, only then there lies some hope for the future of democracy in India.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

12. Population Problem in India (M.P. 2000 P, 03, 07, 09)

Population problem is one of the biggest problem today faced by the world. India is facing this problem from a longtime back, more than a crorehas been added in our census since 1947 and if it goes on like this the situation will become critical.

This problem has given rise to many other problems like food, employment, houses, etc., and industrialization has added fuel to it. Industries have added pollution problem to the rapid increase of population. Insanitation and rapid increase in some areas have only added to this problem giving it a more severe look. Today it seems that this situation has gone out of our hand.

The rapid development in the field of medical science an average life-span of man has increased as a result there is a downward trend in the death rate even the child mortality rate has reduced as a result there has been a rapid increase in population.

Indian were basically orthodox in their outlook and regarded birth control as a sin, but today due to rapid development of education and scientific knowledge the traditional outlook is fast changing but still we have miles to go before any definite solution can be found, unless our villages are not made literate all scientific development will continue to become meaningless.
Under the leadership of Smt.

Indira Gandhi a number of programmes had been launched to tackle the situation. The marriage age of the girls was increased to 18 years and child marriages were banned. Spread of education also helped in increasing the age of marriages for girls or boys alike. Family planning education programmes were launched and popularized.

This enlightened the people towards their moral responsibility. They owed to the country.

If we want our country to progress, we have to teach average man the value of small planned family.
We also need to revive our cottage industries and propagate the value of adult education so that our villagers understand the importance of small family.

13. An Interesting Match
Or, The Game You Like the Best (M.P. 2000P, 01P, 07; Imp.)

Present world is a world of cricket matches. If we say this it is not a pun or it is not a remark from an insane man. It has become a passion with the world leave alone India. Its craze reaches peak height at the time of cricket matches one find people eating cricket, drinking cricket, sleeping cricket, cricket, cricket and nothing else….! It spreads like an epidemic amongst young, old and children.

Housewives also forget their work at times of cricket matches, they glowed down to their T. V. Sets and radios to know the score.

In one day matches, one of the most important series all the teams play for limited overs and they try to make as many runs as possible and try to make the opposition team out within the limit. One such interesting match I happened to see in my city. It was played between India and Sri Lanka. It was a friendly match played to collect fond for drought areas, both the teams played it very seriously, Sri Lanka won the toss and decided to bat.

Each team was required to play thirty overs. Their openers gave their side a good start but the whole team collapsed for only 190 runs. The spectators went mad with joy on seeing this, and when Indian openers came to bat they were cheered so loudly that it brought the sky down. Indian openers failed to give India a good start but the second cede players managed to balance the game nicely and brought it under control, in the beginning they played very carefully but once they crossed hundred then they started hitting all around the ground and in 29th over they brought victory for India.

India won this friendly match by four wickets. The victory was not so important as the spirit with which the game was played. The interest of spectators rose and fall every minute of the match although everybody knew it was only friendly tussle yet the manner in which it was played kept up the interest and enthusiasm of spectators.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

14. Dowry : A Social Evil (Imp.)

Dowry system is prevalent in our country in one form or the other. It is one of the biggest evils of our society. It is an insult to the sacred institutions of marriage.

Parents pay huge sums of money. So that their daughter may live a happy married life. The groom’s parents try to get the maximum from the bridegroom parents. Unreasonable demands have been made by the groom’s parents and sometime, the marriage ceremony abruptly stopped in the absence of sufficient dowry. Fabulous amount of cash, refrigerators, cars, T.V. sets, scooter and even houses are demanded in dowry.

The parents^f the girl have to incur heavy debts in order to meet the demands of the greedy inlaws of their daughter. No wonder then the birth of a daughter is not liked by any Indian parents. Giving a dowry is a very old custom. Even in the past, the parents of the girl have been giving dowry in the form of gift. Its supporters give a number of arguments to justify it.

According to them, it is a fine method of setting up an establishment for their newly weds. Another argument given in support of dowry is that when the girl’s parents are quite choosy about the educational qualification, social status of their would be son-in-law, why should they not share the expenses incurred in achieving the social status, because ultimately, it is their daughter who is going to be the beneficiary. Additionally, a daughter-in-law, who brings adequate dowry with her commands a better respect from her in laws. On the other hand, a bride without sufficient dowry feels insecure and uneasy.

All these are absurd arguments and cannot, in any way, justify this social evil. There is no point is setting up one establishment by upsetting the establishment of the bride’s parents. Modem girls are educated and in many cases are not dependent upon their husbands for their upkeep. In their case, it is foolish to insist on dowiy as the regular earnings, are no less than dowry. A girl can gain confidence only from her merits and not from the dowry.

It is duty of all enlightened citizens of our country to fight out this evil. We must rid our society of this curse. Anti-dowry Act has been enacted but if the people do not cooperate the evil of dowry cannot be eliminated. As a matter of fact, all dowry’ seekers and givers should be boycotted socially. Educated boys and girls should bow not to marry the sons or daughters of those who demand dowry.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

15. A Railway Journey
Or, An Interesting Journey (M.P. 2000 P. 05; Imp.)

The schools were closed for winter vacation and after long dreary period of studies and exams we and our friends were quite tired, we wanted recreation and change. So, we decided to pay a short visit to Delhi and go sight seeing in and around the capital. So, one fine morning we packed our bags and left for Delhi by Mahanadi.

We had already got our seats reserved, at first we had thought of staying in some rest house or hotel but since none of us had any idea of the capital city. We decided to drop in at my uncle’s place who lived there.

We reached city the next day and took a taxi for my uncle’s place who lived in Karol Bagh. The whole city was nothing but concourse of people, everybody seemed to be in a hurry. Nobody had time for anyone. The whole place seemed to hum with activity.

We had taken our lunch at Mathura therefore as soon as we reached Delhi we decided to go out for sight seeing the places which we near and around Karol Bagh so that we could go to far-off places the next day because we had also planned to go Mathura to see Krishna Temple.

At Delhi we saw Red Fort, Chandani Chowk, Kutub Minar. We also saw parliament house and Rajghat, etc. On the third day we came to Krishna’s Bhoomi Mathura and were enchanted by the Krishna Mandir made by Krishna cult society. The whole city laden aura of Krishna, same evening we returned to Delhi by Taj express and next day started back for home.

The whole journey had a very lively experience it brought us in contact with various people and taught us a lesson of mutual cooperation. The whole trip proved to be very fun filled. I can never forget it in my life, in fact it was a lifetime experience.

16. Terrorism
Or, The Menace of Terrorism (M.P. 2004 R, 05)

Terrorism is the biggest threat to our country. It is a black spot on the name of religion and human welfare. It is an open joke on humanity. It is the peak point, extreme point of sucking human blood. What sense is there in shedding blood of innocent public to attain political and religious end? religions teach us the lesson of humanity.

Now see what the terrorists are teaching us in the name of religion. Politics leads us, directs us to live a peaceful life and terrorism is destroying the peace of any land or country. Terrorism is spreading widely geographically and diverse ideologically. It hits where it hurst most.

The terrorists are using modem deadly weapons and the latest technology in achieving their aim. They are misusing modem power. They destroy rather than construct. Terrorism is the climax of violence. It is violence against innocent citizens to secure political goals. It is political issue. It is a threat to political leaders by means of killing innocent and by disturbing the peace of the country.

Terrorists threaten governments to yield before their demands if not they would destory the whole structure of the Government. This makes the Government helpless and incompetent. The terrorists build pressure on Government and makes them negotiate and compromise with them on certain terms and conditions.

So, in my view the terrorism is nothing but a religious fanatism, a mockery of political democracy. A lust for power and money. Therefore, the best way to handle the terrorism in not to yield. It may cause fear and panic to some extent but atlast many of their goals would be defeated. The media should not glority it but show the people that torrorism is a crime.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

17. Television “A Gift or Curse” (M.P. 2005)

It is a bare fact that, “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. In Mahabharta, Dhritrashtra, a blind man had a very keen desire to know what was happening on the battlefield, when a war was being fought between Kauravas and Pandvas. We all know that Sanjay who had the godly gift of seeing things happening at far away places, narrated each and every detail to Dhritrashtra. So, the television which we are enjoying today is the outcome of the same thought and desire though it has not come to us all of a sudden.

But it is very necessary to mention that a television is a product of progressive science and technology. Man’s persistent desire to know the world better and distinctively has paved the way for us to enjoy a cricket match being played at the other part of the world while we are sitting in the cosy comforts of our home.

A speech being delivered at UNO in New York, a space shuttle being lifted off from somewhere in Florida and then soaring high in the vastness of unlimited space. Man landing on moon or exploring great depths of oceans, all these things are now possible for us to watch and enjoy. To increase our knowledge of hitherto untouched annals and prepare ourselves to be a better citizen of world.

Through television all these things are possible. Isn’t a gift to mankind?

Yes, of course it is a gift but then every coin has two faces and so the repercussion of every thought or deed, and can we separate television from it? No, we can not. In addition to many boons television has brought many curses also.
First and foremost thing is that due to it man’s soeial life has almost come to standstill.

Now people think twice before venturing out of the home, most of the time they are glued to it watching programmes one after the another whether or not they are of any concern to them. The most affected lot is of children and more particularly students. They are more interested in matches of different sports and rushes of cinema rather than their studies.

It is up to one’s own choice to make or mar, select or reject, grasp the good and become wiser and taller in stature or be spoiled by wasting time in watching unnecessary things. So what is our choice?

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

18. Importance of Games and Sports

The real education is one which can make a student intellectually sharp, physically strong and morally sound. It develops and strengthens the three aspects of our personality – mind, body and soul.

In this sense games and sports are the basic need of life Unless the development of the mind and body goes hand in hand with a corresponding awakening of the soul, the former alone would prove to be a poor, lop-sides affair.
Therefore, games and sports must form an integral part of the education of our youth.

So far physical education has been neglected in our educational system. Games and Sports have been woefully neglected in our schools and colleges. Our education has been concerned only with earning degrees and diplomas. No wonder then our youngmen have started hating physical labour.

Our graduates who come our of out universities with gold medals are physical wrecks. It darkens their future completely.

Hence there is a need to change our attitude towards games and sports. Some people think that sports and games are unimportant things that people do at times when they are not working. They consider them only as amusement like the cinema or radio, such things, they think are harmful for the studies of a student who must at all times continue to stuff his brain with facts and figures.

In fact, however, sports and games are of great value, especially to students who work with their brains most of the day.

Sports and games make our bodies strong and keep us healthy little brain work can be done by an ailing person. A sound mind resides only in a sound body.

Physical exercise is essential for health. Every nerve, every sinew and every joint of the body gets strengthened through games. But a good health is not the only thing we get through them.

They give us valuable practice in making eyes, brain and muscles work together. In tennis, for instance, our eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction and pass this information on to the brain. The brain has then to decide what to do, and to send its order to the muscles of the arms, legs and so on so that the ball is met and hit back where it ought to go.

All this must happen with very great speed, only those who have had a lot of practice at tennis can cany out this complicated chain of events successfully.

Sport and games are also very useful for character training in their lessons at college, boys and girls may leam about such virtues as unselfishness, discipline and love if ones country.

But what is learnt in books cannot have the same deep effect on a person’s character as what is learnt by experiences. Game inculcate in the play ers the habits of teamwork, discipline is being guided by a captain obedience to the rules of the game as interpreted by the referee or umpire and spirit of sportsmanship in taking the defeats along with victories with a smile.
If we want a disciplined nation, we must give due encouragement to games and sports in our schools and colleges.

Recreational value of sports and games cannot also be denied. After a tiring day in the class room, in the laboratory or at your desk, there is nothing more refreshing than an hour in the field. A hot game of hockey, or a fast match of football and an exciting cricket takes off our fatigue. One feels fresh once again for any amount of work.

Games and sports thus must be compulsory for all students. Colleges and schools should have proper equipments and facilities for the students. The team may win or lose, games play their wonderful role of making students active and agile in their life.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

19. Corruption In India
Or, Corruption : Cancer of Society

There are so many burning problems in India, as population, pollution, dowry problem, terrorism, etc. Here, I want to explain about corruption.

Corruption is a deep-rooted menace, that has eaten into the vitals of our society. There is hardly any sphere of social, economic, political and religious activity that is free from corruption of some “kind. Corruption has become so common that most of the people have come to accept it as part of their life.

Bribery and corruption has increased greatly after 1947. The growth of democracy and industry, the system of license and permits for up enterprises, securing quotas of lawmaterials, imports and exports and expansion of trade and commerce is responsible for increase in corruption. Stringent laws against corruption have proved to be effective in curbing this evil.

Corruption flourishes as long as there are people who are prepared to give the bribe and others who are prepared to accept it, directly or indirectly. Each one has a weakness for easy money. People are prepared do any thing or stoop to any extent of talking graft in order to maintain there so called standards of living.

People who indulge in corruption maintain double standard. On one hand they accept bribe and on the other they urge people to be honest and pure. Such hypocrisy compound the offence.

It is not difficult to locate the causes of corruption. Corruption generally breeds at the top and then gradually filters down to lower levels.

Gone are days when people who joined politics were fired by the spirit of serving the nation. Those who suffered for the sake of getting thier country freed from the foreigners, know only how to make sacrifice.

They had never expected any compensation for their sacrifices. Those were the times when the selfless people joined politics. But unfortunately, the present day politics are no longer motivated by any lofly ideals. In order to win elections, they spend huge sums of money with the hope that after they are elected, they would recover much more than what they had spent.
When the people in power indulge in unscrupulows practices, a common man also indulge freely.

Government after government have made promises to root out corruption from our public life but this evil has persisted of course there are honest officials but they are in minority. Let us as a nation, contemplate seriously as to what will happen when our public life is loaded with corruption. A certain amount of introspection by those who are in power can only initiate the process of minimising the evil of corruption in our country.

If the public in general is indifferent, corruption would continue to grow us like cancer.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

20. Computer (Its uses in Modern World)
Or, Age of Computers (M.P. 2013)

This is the age of science. Science has given us new technologies which have improved the life by giving time to us to spare at our leisure. This has become possible due to the speed with which different works are done. The things have now become easier by the use of computers. Computers have increased the speed of the work with accuracy. The infallibility of computers have made them reliable and the best friend of man. They have now made deep roots in almost every aspect of human life.

1. Offices:
Nowadays it is impossible to imagine any office without computer. Computers are now used extensively in offices for maintaining records, filing important docu¬ments, accounting and daily works of office.

2. Transport:
Computer have made air travel safe and secure. They are also used for booking tickets of trains. We can now book tickets of any train for any destination from anywhere.
This has become possible due to computer only.

3. Hospitals and Medicines:
Have proved their utility. They have not only helped the researchers, doctors and scientists to find out cures to many dreaded diseases but also play a vital role in assisting the surgeons during operations and monitoring the condition of patients in the hospitals as well as homes.

4. Military:
Modem warfare has become a game of hitting the enemy with precise accuracy to cause maximum damage. This accuracy in targeting the enemy location has become possible by the missiles that are guided by computers.
Fighter planes use computer to attain their objectives.

5. Recreation:
Computer have also come up as a huge source of entertainment. We can play amazing games on them and listen to the music and watch movies.

6. Internet:
Internet is actually a network of computer networks. Internet contains oceans of information on each and every topic.
We can access it from any comer of the world and can get information on any topic. It has made the world a smaller place through electronic mail.

Thus computer in the modem would have immensely transformed the life of one and all.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

21. An Election Scene (M.P. 2011)

“Democracy is a government of the people for the people and by the people.” – Abraham Lincoln

India is a democratic country. Its main feature is the process of elections. In democracy, persons elected by the people form the government.
So, elections are a necessary part of democratic-government.

Most elections take place every five years, but if there is no clear majority they may be held earlier.

Before elections candidates file papers. They go from door to door asking for votes. Finally, the great day comes.

The election day is a holiday. People stand in rows before the polling stations. There are quarrels also. The political parties have agents at the booths.
They keep a watch on things. People are happy to exercise the power of voting.

Sometimes, booth capturing takes place. It is a bad thing, people get injured during clashes between groups.

It is our sacred duty to vote. We must vote freely. We must take into account the good or bad points of the candidate. Money or muscles should not win the election.

It seems that our democracy has now matured. People do vote seriously. They also feel proud to vote and elect their government. This shows that democracy shall prosper in our country.

Some people also say satirically:
“Democracy is a government of majority and majority always consists of fools.”
“Democracy is a government of fifty one donkeys over forty nine horses.”

22. “Any Burning Problem” (M.P. 2010, 12, 14, 15)

Note: On this topic students can write about Terrorism, Pollution, Corruption, Popu-lation and Dowry Problem in India.

23. General Election of India: 2014 (M.P. 2015)

The electoral process is still followed while staging elections in the country so that the government at the Center can be established and can function to run the country. The general elections was held in 2014 and had marked 67 years of its status. The minds behind the thought of India as a sovereign nation were excellent and had no personal motives while participating in the establishment of a democratic set up.

India has parliamentary constituencies wherein Members of Parliament for the Lok Sabha are chosen through voting/election which is done every 5 years. May 31, 2014 was marked the end of previous constitutional term of the Lok Sabha.

ECI (Election Commission of India) is the authority responsible for holding the election while the President is the one who dissolves the Parliament. These elections decided the next government that has come to power with its members elected by the country. The present government is led by BJP’s candidate Mr. Narendra Modi.

Inflation and related problems of unemployment, increased taxes on all commodities, heightened rates of criminal acts, series of corruption scandals were the key issues which displeased Urban India to a great extent and was a challenge before the Congress in elections of 2014.

The future of the nation in hands of such leaders who rule for money and power for their own family and relatives and where selfish interests overweigh country’s interest is not anywhere bright.

“United we stand, Divided we fall” was the mantra of coalition that continued to rule with support from small parties that found their own selfish interests met by coming to power. If India is in need of real leaders who can transform the current system and make it truly democratic and free from corruption, a drastic change in the political set up and parties in power is needed.

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24. Visit to Taj Mahal (M.P. 2015)

There are many beautiful and worth seeing historical places in India. But the Taj Mahal of Agra is the most beautiful of all. It is a dream in marble.

My friend and I visited that in the last summer vacations. The vision cast a spell over me. It stood in unique majesty. What a fine lay out indeed! This is what one could say on the spot. It looked white on all sides. The green tufts of glass and the green shoots of hot Cyprus trees adorned its majestic beauty. Nature’s beauty made the ground of the building look all the more beautiful.

We went down the staircase. We found the graves of the king and the queen under the dome in a dark chamber. Multicolored pieces of glass and couplets form the Quran decorated the side walls. The four minarets stood as watch men at each of the main building.

A full moonlight followed the next day. We visited the Taj again that night. Its beauty smiled in the silvery light of the moon. It was a memorable scene. My joy knew no bounds when I saw its reflections in the river Jamuna. Clear picture of marble could be seen. I closed my eyes and opened them again to find it was a reality. Nay! It was to a dream.

As god is there to bestow nature’s beauty, man’s hand is there to create wonderful pieces of art and architecture. How could man be so perfect in working out the minute details of art? I am full of wonder even now. And I can still see the beauty of the Taj with my mind’s eye, if at all I desire so. Wheat a great beauty man could create!

The Taj Mahal was built about three hundred and fifty years ago by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, in memory of his beloved queen, Mumtaj.

MP Board Class 12th Special English Essay Writing Important Questions

25. Education Reform in India (NCF 2005) (M.P. 2015)

The National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) is one of four National Curriculum Frameworks published in 1975, 1988, 2000 and 2005 by the National Council of Educational Research and Training NCERT in India.

The Framework provides the framework for making syllabii, textbooks and teaching practices within the school education programmes in India.

The NCF-2005 document draws its policy basis from earlier government reports on education as Learning Without Burden and National Policy of Education 1986-1992 and focus group discussion. After wide ranging deliberations 21 National Focus Group Position Papers have been developed under the agies of NCF 2005. The state of art position papers provided inputs for formulation of NCF – 2005.

The document and its offshoot textbooks have come under different forms of reviews in the press.

Its draft document came under the criticism from the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE). In February 2008 the director discussed the challenges that are faced by the document. The approach and recommendations of NCF-2005 are for the entire educational system. A number of its recommendations, for example, focus on rural schools.

The syllabus and textbooks based on it are being used by all the CBSE schools, but NCF-based material is also being used in many State schools.

NCF-2005 has been translated into 22 languages and has influenced the syllabii in 17 States. The NCERT gave a grant of Rs. 10 lakh to each State to promote NCF in the language of the State and to compare its current syllabus with the syllabus proposed, so that a plan for future reforms could be made.

Several States have taken up this challenge. This exercise is being carried out with the involvement of State Councils for Educational Research and Train¬ing and District Institutes of Education and Training.